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Re: Hello

Above the whining & shreiking of the trolls, verofakto was heard to

> Hi Roy,
>> Hi, David. Is this like your 10th attack blog on individuals? How about that
>> dildo shop you're running online?
> I suggest you use those extra-mojo investigative powers of yours before 
> publicly accusing people of stuff.
> Speaking of friends and desperate ad-hominems,


> did you know that your 
> pal David Gerard hosts lemonparty.org? I kid you not, look it up.

> Anyway, since I haven't had the time to create an account on your blog 
> to say this, please keep in mind that I am always open to corrections or 
> clarifications. I will try to be more honest about it than you.

Yeah, riiiight. "verofakto" no prevous posting history (according to
google) & User-Agent: Thunderbird (Windows/20090605)

What a shining example of honesty & integrity.

Don't bother replying.  

Some of Hadron Quack's blunders & stupidity:

Surely you are not comparing the 
non-existent Linux (at that time) 
with Windows  98?                                  
Hadron:  Message-ID: <npk5rvzafy.fsf@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Linux as a desktop OS is pretty much doomed it would appear. 
Too little too late. 
Hadron: Message-ID: <fnd3jj$or8$2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Google Earth on Linux runs through its own Wine installer. Unless they
have gone "native"
Hadron:  Message-ID:  <gu1v6l$dmo$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Getting high performance Video cards working is a damn sight 
easier on XP because the installers are better.
Debian/Ubuntu are a pain in the hole  - you need to recompile the latest
NVidia drivers using a set version of the compiler, for example, when
changing kernels.
Hadron: Message-ID:   <c9rks4-gc7.ln1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

WINE is and was an emulator.
Hadron - Message-ID: <h2a282$t95$2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

The Hadron M$ fanboi troll contradicts himself!
"Ubuntu has really set the standard for quality."
Hadron Quark in a.o.l.u Jan 2007
"Ubuntu leaches off Debian where all the real hard work was done."
Hadron in cola - Message-ID: <gknmm8$9i1$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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