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Re: How Microsoft Does Bundling and Why (Comes vs. Microsoft – exhibits PX00980 and PX00928)

On Jul 26, 4:03 pm, Moshe Goldfarb <moshegoldf...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Sun, 26 Jul 2009 15:34:10 -0700 (PDT), Vaughn Bode wrote:
> > On Jul 26, 9:27 am, the community of "Moshe Goldfarb", who are not
> > sponsored or supported in any way by Microsoft, its partners,
> > affiliates, or hangers on wrote:
> >> On Sun, 26 Jul 2009 09:16:54 -0700 (PDT), Vaughn Bode wrote:
> >>> On Jul 26, 6:47 am, Moshe Goldfarb <moshegoldf...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >>>> On Sun, 26 Jul 2009 14:06:50 +0000, Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> >>>>>     From: joachimk Mon Sep 30 10:53:23 1991
> >>>> 1991 ?
> >>> The scummy behaviour of Microsoft goes back a looooooooong way.
> >>> You must not know much about Microsoft.  There are plenty of places to
> >>> read up on it.
> >> Who cares?
> > Obviously not you.  The joy in your posts about Gates raking in
> > billions, smothering Linux, with his shoddy products is evident.
> You got me all wrong dude.
> I don't like Microsoft and I *lived* through the Stac, DrDos etc
> fiascos.
> I'm just telling it like it is and the fact is most people don't
> care.

Very true, they don't actively care.  Its not really their job.  They
do depend on the government to keep things from getting out of

> Rattle enough closets and the skeletons will come falling out no
> matter what rich corporate person you happen to pick.
> And that's a fact.

Some will have more skeletons than others.  And that's a fact.

> >> Do you think the 95+ percent of people using Windows give a hoot
> >> anymore than they give a hoot that General Electric is one of
> >> the world's worst polluters of the environment?
> >>> But Gates is a billionaire, so you will close your eyes to the trail
> >>> of destruction.
> >> And if you look at just about any other person like Gates, you
> >> will find that they made their money the same way.
> > You are making excuses for Gates.
> No I'm not.
> >> Henry Ford for example....

Did Henry commit perjury?  Odd that the history books don't mention
that.  Well he died rich, perhaps that's why.

> >> You don't become one of the world's richest people by being
> >> nice.
> > That's what I was saying in the "Gates is a visionary" thread.  And
> > here you are agreeing with me, will wonders never cease?
> Maybe if you actually read what I wrote you would have come to
> that conclusion eons ago.
> >> That of course does not condone the behaviour, but you freetards
> >> seem to think Gates is the only person in history who has done
> >> this.
> > Oh no!  It takes a very special man to manoeuvre such a crappy product
> > into a world dominating empire.
> It's not a crappy product.

So you have a computer freshly installed with Windows95.  What are the
odds, just sitting there, it will survive until its clock rolls over
and explodes in 49 and a half days?  Get real.  Microsoft quality has
been a joke since the DOS days.

> Linux *is* a crappy product, for the desktop.
> It's a great server system and it has a fantastic future as an
> embedded OS but as a desktop product it's for geeks and techs
> mostly.

And Microsoft has done a very good job at making sure no desktop OEM
will spend the time, money, and resources to integrate Linux, as they
do with Windows.

> >>>> Slow day in the SPAM department Roy Schestowitz?
> >>>> Are your masters cracking the whip again so you keep your output
> >>>> high  quality low?
> >>> So let me get this straight ... unemployed amateur OS building
> >>> basement dwellers that get fed by their mommys have masters?
> >> Schestowitz doesn't eat.
> >> He doesn't have the time.
> >>> While at the same time a team of Windows goons spending an
> >>> extraordinary amount of time sifting through COLA, in support of a
> >>> multi-billion dollar international company, are not paid in any way
> >>> for their activity.
> >> Correct.
> >>> Have I got that right?
> >> Wrong as usual "Vaughn"......
> > So you agreed with everything I wrote and then declared me wrong.  You
> > really should not let DFS help you write your posts, he will just make
> > you look silly.
> It may come as a surprise to you but unlike the Linux clan who
> will back each others lies to the death, most of us "wintrolls"
> don't agree on everything.

I see.  The "wintrolls" are all rugged individualists who all just
happen to engage in splashing gobs of childish gratuitous insults
throughout their posts.  They all parrot the shady half truths like
Linux slopware usage is at 1% because only geeky freaks want it.
Cause that's what rugged individualists do, act like good company men.

The "linux clan" on the other hand all act alike, indistinguishable
from each other.  Well, they all like Linux ... there's your proof!

But seriously, when Hadron sees that I post through Google and
concludes that I must work with Windows by day ... and you agree with
him, well that does blur you all up together in my mind.

> I've gone on record since Vista was released that I don't like
> it nor have I any intention of using it.
> I've posted of moving to Mac if MS doesn't get it's act
> together.
> However, and this is important, Gates and his wife do a lot of
> good for the world.

That is the current spin.  Moshe, you are so trusting!  There is a
rumour all that good Gates and his wife are spreading about is only
available if the receiving country pledges loyalty to Windows, and
must be willing to accept what amounts to a spy in the cabinet.  But
there is no "proof", no conviction, no PR release from Microsoft
confirming it so it must not be true.

> He is a shrewd business person and of course his teachers were
> IBM and company.
> Yea, you know, the big Linux supporter.

No, I don't know.  When did that happen?  Didn't he go straight from
dropping out of college to writing software?  Well, whatever.  He must
have studied IBM from afar.

> He studied them, learned their methods and improved upon them.
> If any of you spent any amount of time with people in this
> industry that make the decisions, and I have, you will
> immediately see a common factor in almost all of them.
> Drive, determination, a vision and focus that will not accept
> failure at any cost.
> If they do fail, they get right back on the horse and start over
> again and in their mind it wasn't a failure, it was a learning
> experience.
> I guarantee you that 5 minutes spent with Scott McNealy, Donald
> Trump, Gates, Philippe Kahn, Ballmer and others is all it takes
> to see these traits shine through.
> I've personally met Kahn, Trump and Scott for reasonable periods
> of time, ie: more than 5 minutes :)

Ahh, the beauty of Usenet, where is no penalty for lying.  Sorry, I
have a hard time with the image of Kahn, Trump, and Scott having an
interesting conversation with a person that claims to be able to smell
body odour through the internet.  Ok, maybe Trump but not the others.

And if you are telling the truth I feel sorry for you.  To go from
such a position of opportunity and potential, down to slopping through
COLA, the dregs of Usenet.  Where the chance to use the phrase "rope-a-
dope" makes for a good day.  It must have been a hard fall.  Did you

> I find Trump fascinating, although quirky. He doesn't like to
> shake hands for one.
> Can't blame him these days though.
> I've heard Gates in person, shook his hand but that's about it.
> I find him boring, but he does have the ideas flowing.
> Compare this to Linux community.
> The only person they have with that kind of vision is
> Shuttleworth.
> Linus is smart, but let's face it the entire Linux phenom is
> really a fluke.

Democracy is a fluke.  So is Microsoft.  Everyone I know dislikes
Microsoft.  Their market position is held together simply because it
is too much work to change.  There is no brand loyalty.  The company
needs to skate the shady side of legal to keep this up, and very few
business managers can do that without screwing up royally.

> A good fluke, but a fluke non the less.
> It wasn't designed to be marketed as far as I know.
> The rest of the community leaders for the most part are social
> outcasts.
> Take RMS for example.
> Please do....

And yet the mark RMS makes on the world will outlast anything Bill
Gates does.

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