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[News] Assessment of Ksplice for Linux: No Reboots/Downtime Anymore

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Never reboot again with Linux and Ksplice

,----[ Quote ]
| By default, Ksplice shows up in your system menu-bar so you can keep an eye 
| on what's happening with your updates. While Ksplice itself is open-source 
| software, and the service for individual users is free, you'll need to pay a 
| service fee if you're a business using Ksplice to keep your servers 
| up-to-date.    
| Since Ksplice doesn't require any changes to the Linux kernel I strongly 
| suspect you'll soon be seeing its technology used with other Linux 
| distributions. After all, as great as Linux is about letting you run for 
| months on end without wasting time or money on a reboot, it will be even 
| better when we can run Linux for years without rebooting.     


Ksplice Executives Share New Ways to Make Linux More Secure, Reliable, and



Ksplice Offers Rebootless Updates For Ubuntu Systems

,----[ Quote ]
| Ksplice has started offering Ksplice Uptrack for Ubuntu Jaunty, a free
| service that delivers rebootless versions of all the latest Ubuntu kernel
| security updates. It's currently available for both the 32 and 64-bit generic
| kernel, and they plan to add support for the virtual and server kernels by
| the end of the month, according to their FAQ. This makes Ubuntu the first OS
| that doesn't need to be rebooted for security updates. (We covered Ksplice's
| underlying technology when it was first announced a year ago.)


GRUB 2: the New Boot Loader in Ubuntu 9.10

,----[ Quote ]
| UDS (Ubuntu Developer Summit) for Karmic Koala took place this year, between
| the 25th and 29th of May, in Barcelona, Spain. There were 270 blueprints that
| needed to be discussed during the summit, like the new professional look of
| Plymouth (an application that takes care of the graphical boot animation) for
| Karmic Koala, which will not become reality very soon. However, some of the
| ideas discussed at UDS will be implemented in the next version of the Ubuntu
| operating system, due for release in late October 2009. One of these was
| the "grub2-as-default" discussion, and Colin Watson had the pleasure to
| announce last night that GRUB 2 would definitely be the default boot loader
| in Ubuntu 9.10.


GRUB2 To Be Used By Default In Ubuntu 9.10

,----[ Quote ]
| Starting with Ubuntu 9.10 (and beginning with tomorrow's daily CD builds),
| GRUB2 will be the default boot-loader on new Ubuntu installations. GRUB2 will
| bring internationalization support, support for newer systems, and many other
| improvements considering this GNU boot-loader has been in development for a
| number of years.


Explaining Ubuntu's 10 Second Boot Time

,----[ Quote ]
| Canonical's Scott James Remnant has now outlined more on their plans for the
| Ubuntu boot performance targets with Ubuntu 9.10 and 10.04 LTS. The main
| areas that developers will be working on is speeding up the X Server start-up
| process and improving initramfs.


GRUB 2 Receives New Font Engine

,----[ Quote ]
| GRUB 2, the next-generation Linux boot loader, has received a new font
| engine. Version 2 of the GRand Unified Bootloader introduces this new font
| engine that's written in C and with a font tool in Java. This engine will
| allow for better internationalization support including non-ASCII character
| codes and support for multiple fonts.

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