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Re: Glimpse at OpenOffice.org in Education

On Jun 23, 11:34 am, Ezekiel <Z...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> DFS wrote:
> > wispygalaxy wrote:
> >>
> >> So you think that paying more for something guarantees better
> >> quality?
> > You're already a cola idiot, putting words in my mouth.
> This seems to be the usual "advocate" strawman. Make a statement about "X"
> and they COLA nuts will argue that "not ALL X ...."

Ezekiel, you're looking too deeply into this.  All I wanted to do was
show that cheaper (price-wise) things can have better quality than
more expensive things.  It was just an example....

> >> So, why did my little sister's Old Navy flip-flops last much
> >> longer than her Abercrombie and Fitch flip-flops?  She's not even
> >> rough or careless with her shoes.  She paid $35 for the A&F shoes and
> >> only $2.50 for her Old Navy ones.  The A&F flip flops broke two weeks
> >> after she got them, and the strap snapped off.  And her Old Navy flip
> >> flops, which she bought a couple of years ago, are still sitting on
> >> the shoe rack to this day.
> >> I know I'm using shoes as an example, but you get the idea.
> > The idea is you think your sample of one is meaningful.  It's not.
> The flip-flop example is rather lame.

Haha, you think that because you're a guy.  Girls like talking about
shoes.  :P

> But let's go ahead and use it assuming
> that it's true and Wizz-Pee

I'm not into bukkake.

> actually remembers that her sister bought these
> flip flops a couple of years ago, where she bought them, how long they
> lasted and the price she paid for them. (That's quite a
> story^h^h^h "memory")

I remember this because the A&F flip flops were expensive at the time,
and the number stuck with me.  They broke during the family vacation
to Maine.  (Poor girl was hobbling around with a broken strap until we
bought her temporary shoes at the gift shop!)  The Old Navy shoe price
is easy to remember because they have a 2 for $5 sale often.

> #1) This sample of one doesn't take into account that the A&F flip flops
> could had a manufacturing defect. Bring them back for a replacement.

A&F sandals always were shoddy.  They aren't comfortable and fall

> #2) The assumption is that how long they last is the only measure of
> quality. It's not.

See above.

> #3) How well do the flip-flops work on a wet deck or around a pool. Do the
> A&F flip-flops keep you secure or will you slip and fall with the cheap
> ones.

A&F shoes are thin and slippery.  They are not recommended for long
periods of walking.

> #4) What are the flip-flops made of? Are the A&F ones made of safe materials
> and are the cheapo's made in China with some chemical that causes cancer.

I'm not sure about that.

> #5) What conditions are the shoes made in? Do the cheap ones exploit child
> labor whereas the A&F do not?

I don't know how the shoes were made.

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