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Re: [News] Glimpse at OpenOffice.org in Education

wispygalaxy wrote:
Roy Schestowitz wrote:

OpenOffice.org in Education: Using OpenOffice.org for Entrepreneurial

,----[ Quote ]
| When OpenOffice.org usage in education is discussed, it is often thought
| of in the context of using it for courses in office management,
| introductory computing courses enrolled by both IT and non-IT majors,
| primary and K-12 technology courses and perhaps even english composition
| courses. However, there are many other educational programs where
| OpenOffice.org is ideal, some of which are often overlooked.


OO.org is so versatile and useful in many domains.  It's a complete myth
that it's only for students who can't afford MS Office.  I can get MS
Office for a discount from my school, but I am very happy with OO.org. It's about the features, really.

I don't need to do anything fancy in a word processor, so why should I
bother installing MS Word?  I could use it in Wine if I wanted to- but it
will be sitting there, unused.  The MS Word proponents are overestimating
what average people do with their apps.  OO.org takes care of the tasks
average computer users want to get accomplished.  I love it!

Well said. 75% of Office users in corporate environments only use 25% of the functionality....

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