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Re: MAFIAA Cracks Down on Music Being Played in Public

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____/ wispygalaxy on Tuesday 23 June 2009 00:11 : \____

> On Jun 19, 6:26 pm, Hans Lister <styme...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> On Fri, 19 Jun 2009 15:38:16 -0400, wispygalaxy wrote:
>> >
>> > I can't believe this...  Radio stations have every right not to play
>> > songs. Why are the labels deciding for them?  If the labels can't get the
>> > stations to play the tunes, tough luck.  Find another station or lower the
>> > royalty rates.
>> Why?
>> Because the entire industry is totally and completely corrupt
> The higher rates are threatening some of my favorite radio stations to
> stop broadcasting.  About two years ago, I heard ads between tunes
> that begged listeners to call their representatives about new
> legislation that would increase rates drastically.  Some stations I
> listen to depend solely on donations, and they play no commercials.
> It would have been sad to see them go off the air because they really
> cared about what they did.  They would ask really politely for money,
> and they didn't even do this often.
>> and it has been since the days of W.C Handy.
>> Schestowitz will recognize that name.
>> One thing he does have going for him is good taste in music.
> Yeah, Schestowitz does like a lot of good tunes.  He has a whole list
> of them on his website.
>> Read a book called "Hitmen" for some real insight into how the
>> music biz really operates.
> Neat, I'll check it out.
>> When I first started in this biz I got screwed badly out of some
>> serious, well for a 12 year old, money.
>> I learned.
> You were involved with the music biz since you were 12?  That's cool.
> What do you play?  I used to play clarinet in the band back in
> elementary and middle school, but I drifted away from it.  I just
> didn't have enough space in my schedule for it in high school.  (Band
> was 5 credits each year- I couldn't do it.)  I was 1st clarinet, too.
> I played more difficult stuff than the 2nd and 3rd clarinetists.
>> As for the RIAA they are the anti-christ IMHO and while they
>> claim to go to battle for my rights, all they are really doing
>> is lining their own pockets, making excuses for the piss poor
>> state of quality music these days and blaming it all on John Q
>> Public and his mp3 player.
> Thanks to the Internet, it's possible to avoid the RIAA.  There are a
> lot of labels that don't rip off the artist.  The label owners are
> good friends with the artists, and this is very common with small
> labels.

wispygalaxy, "Hans" is not your friend. It's a libelling filthy troll
called "flatfish". It just uses a new fake name. Just ignore it.

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                ~~ Best of wishes

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