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Re: For those who still claim Microsoft doesn't have a monopoly...

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____/ Gregory Shearman on Sunday 21 June 2009 23:13 : \____

> On 2009-06-21, Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> ____/ Homer on Sunday 21 June 2009 21:46 : \____
>>> [Not exactly a revelation, but still worth reiterating]
>>> Look at your keyboard ... any PC keyboard.
>>> See that key with a kind of flag symbol on it?
>>> I believe it's called the "Windows" key, and is actually a registered
>>> trademark of Microsoft, as it's the product symbol for Windows®.
>>> Bear in mind that what you're looking at is a piece of /hardware/ not
>>> made by Microsoft (although some are), something completely unrelated
>>> to the company in Redmond that apparently develops software.
>>> So why does nearly every PC keyboard on planet earth, manufactured by
>>> companies unrelated to Microsoft, feature a registered trademark that
>>> represents Microsoft's property?
>>> Why not simply give it a generic label, such as "Super" or "Meta"?
>>> Case closed.
>> If you think that's bad, consider all the hurdles you need to leap with
>> e-banking. They assume people's PCs are Windows zombies.
> Mine doesn't. It provides a nice clean and simple interface. I've been
> using it for years. I wouldn't even know what the inside of my local
> branch looks like, these days.

Netwest assumed keyloggers are installed.

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