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Re: [News] OpenOffice.org Already Downloaded More Than 50,000,000 Times


On Mon, 30 Mar 2009 09:53:16 -0500, Sermo Malifer wrote:

>> The same can be said of OpenOffice because if even a small percentage
>> of those downloads were put into daily use, Openoffice would be
>> everywhere in a very short time.

> How much M$ stock do you own?

Probably his entire net worth's worth.

'Course, one might note that the goober seems unable to do basic math.  
For example, one might note that the latest estimate is somewhere close 
to a billion "PC" machines on the planet, as opposed to some 50 million 
OOo downloads - meaning *at most* (based on downloads) one machine in 20 
will have OOo on it, which is hardly "everywhere".

Now, granted, some will try it and discard it, but we must remember that 
many distros include it - which isn't factored in there - and both it and 
most distros containing it can be freely copied, which also isn't 
factored in.

Which is to say, I'd be surprised if the actual number of in-use copies 
is anywhere near as low as 50 million; I'd tend to think closer to twice 
that, but that *still* means one machine in ten, which is hardly 

Then we have the whole issue of what "everywhere" means.  Exactly how 
many households has he visited or polled to determine what they use?  
Even if we grant that businesses, on the whole, use something else - 
generally something costing several hundred dollars - are we supposed to 
conclude, without any evidence at all, that a home user is going to 
choose a several-hundred-dollar tool over a free one which, for their 
purposes, is going to work just as well? 

If the costs are hidden and the tool is preinstalled, sure, that's been 
the whole MS marketing scam all along.  If it's something they have to go 
out and purchase and install themselves, different story, and we'll need 
soemthing a little more compelling than some random wintroll's whining 
about OOo to support the claim.

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