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Re: [News] [Rival] Windows is No Longer Free (Gratis) -- Microsoft Milks Users

Verily I say unto thee, that Chris Ahlstrom spake thusly:
> After takin' a swig o' grog, Phil Da Lick! belched out this bit o'
> wisdom:
>> Doctor Smith wrote:
>>> Do all that, and Linux will steamroll Microsoft.
>> Steamrollering microsoft is not the objective.
> And flatfish is, as usual, putting the cart before the horse.
> Linux is already /better/ than Windows.  But it doesn't have a
> powerful monopoly that can squeeze out all other alternatives.

And doesn't want to.

Monopolization is only a corporatist goal, not a Free Software goal.
It's not even a goal of capitalism. Monopolization is only pursued by
the profoundly corrupt and malevolent.

The trolls seem to have difficulty understanding that simple concept.

Corporate thugs like Ballmer, and his army of followers, believe the
goal of business can *only* be monopolisation, and that anything less
represents abject failure, but this is antithetical to the principles of
capitalism, which demands a Free Market Economy. In such a market, there
are *many* players, all coexisting cooperatively and with relative
parity, and the *only* factor which determines relative success or
failure is the quality of their products and services. But this market
model only works when all players work towards subsistence, rather than
greed. Microsoft don't want subsistence, they want domination, because
they are obsessed with power and greed. And in their pursuit of this
obsession, Microsoft stoops to tactics comparable to gangsters running a
racketeering operation, such is the extent of their addiction to greed,
and their utter lack of morality.

This is the central reason why I hate Microsoft. There are many other
peripheral reasons to dislike them, of course, such as the abysmal
quality of their software, which has spawned several other industries
which only exist to compensate for Microsoft's failures, but
fundamentally they are gangsters, corporate fascists with a selfish,
anti-Freedom agenda, hell-bent on the destruction of all others, and
with little or no regard for democracy, Freedom, capitalism, ethics,
common decency, common sense, or even the law (unless it suits them).

Microsoft is one of the world's most corrupt and disreputable companies,
and their executives (and loyal followers) represent the most debase
form of humanity. It doesn't matter to either them or me that they sell
software, since their goals, and my objections to those goals, would be
the same even if they were insurance salesmen or car manufacturers.

This is why the trolls' are completely wasting their time "evangelising"
for Microsoft in COLA, because their position is utterly indefensible,
irrespective of how much they claim to dislike the technical aspects of
any given Free Software, nothing can ever change the fact that these
trolls represent gangsters, defend those gangsters' actions, and
(ironically) attempt to justify those actions by using Microsoft's
wealth and dominance as evidence.

There are no technical arguments there, and certainly none that the
trolls could possibly hope to win, there are only the political
arguments - morality vs immorality, greed vs subsistence, corporatism vs
capitalism, and fascism vs democracy.

Microsoft and it's various "representatives" lost the technical argument
on day one, and indeed have never sincerely tried to win it, since they
know it's utterly futile to do so, and have instead resorted to bragging
about Microsoft's criminal successes, in the total absence of anything
else to brag about. Of course, they don't seriously believe these
"arguments" will actually persuade anyone - that's not their objective.
Their objective is disruption, spreading anti-Linux indoctrination by
repeating lies and hyperbole over and over again, until it becomes
imprinted onto the public's mind, thus stigmatising Free Software as
being "Slopware" only suitable for "Freetards". Their objective is
sabotage, or any other action necessary, no matter how debase, to
protect and promote the company which represents every value they hold
so dear ... values which are the sheer antithesis of virtue, morality
and righteousness. Not that the trolls care about anything as "trivial"
as morality, since they share Microsoft's priorities ... and their
criminal mentality.


| "Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It
|  is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves." ~ William
|  Pitt the Younger

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