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[News] Singapore Youngsters Introduced to GNU/Linux

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S'pore students get taste of mainframes, Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Local institute of learning, Republic Polytechnic, has partnered IBM and Red 
| Hat to groom IT professionals with expertise to meet rising adoption of open  
| source software and mainframe virtualization. 
| The institute has launched a new course that provides training on IBM's 
| System z mainframe based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. 


"Bill Gates looks at everything as something that should be his. He acts in any
way he can to make it his. It can be an idea, market share, or a contract.
There is not an ounce of conscientiousness or compassion in him. The notion of
fairness means nothing to him. The only thing he understands is leverage."

                                                --Philippe Kahn


Open source can boost S'pore innovation

,----[ Quote ]
| Through its 10-year Intelligent Nation 2015 (iN2015) masterplan, Singapore
| seeks to create an environment where its people, the private and public
| sectors can collaborate on innovative next-generation ICT products and
| services, said Tan Geok Leng, CTO of the country's Infocomm Development
| Authority (IDA).
| During his keynote address here Tuesday at the Open Source Singapore
| Pacific-Asia Conference and Expo (OSSPAC), Tan urged attending developers and
| delegates at the event to use Singapore as a place to create innovative
| services, pilot them and then provide these services globally.


Singapore supports Ubuntu!

,----[ Quote ]
| We all know the ubuntu logo looks like: 3 arcs forming a circle.


Singapore holds string of open source events

,----[ Quote ]
| Harish Pillay, open source affairs manager at Red Hat, said in an e-mail
| interview with ZDNet Asia, there will also be an "install festival" that day,
| which is aimed at helping people install the Linux OS onto their machines.
| Pillay said open source events such as this are intended to bring a level of
| awareness of open source software to small and midsize enterprise (SME)
| attendees, which view technology as business tools to support their
| companies. "In general, SMEs are not focused on technology," he said.


Announcing Software Freedom Day [Singapore]

,----[ Quote ]
| Software Freedom Day is a global celebration of Free and Open Source
| Software. We are pleased to announce that the Linux User Group Singapore and
| the Singapore Linux Meetup Group will be joining hands to present this event
| in Singapore.


Microsoft Lobbying In Singapore

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft business partners were giving template letters and asked to fill
| them in. The letters are word for word the same. It makes for incredible
| reading. In fact, the keen-eyed reader will notice that some of the letters
| have the template variables still present (look for [ADD NAME, TITLE, ASSOC.]
| e.g Alphasoft, CHASS, etc).    
| [...]
| And the most hilarious letter of support comes from a Singaporean secondary
| girl's school, Crescent Girl's School. That's right folks, that's how
| desperate they were to get their "Approve" vote, they actually got a school
| to submit a letter of support...  
| [...]
| Well well well, Barney Lau is leaving Microsoft Singapore. Wonder if this had
| anything to do with it. Good riddance I say!
| Posted by:ex-MS | Wednesday, 09 July 2008 at 02:25 PM



Singapore bans Microsoft's video game for sex scene

,----[ Quote ]
| Singapore is the only country to have banned the game, so far, and it is the
| first Microsoft video game to be banned in the city-state, The Straits Times
| said.  


Singapore Airlines puts a PC in every seat

,----[ Quote ]
| The whole system runs on Red Hat's distribution of the Linux operating
| system.


Singapore inches toward open source

,----[ Quote ]
| Industry players believe there is still potential for the open source
| movement to gain more ground in Singapore, particularly if the government
| gave greater support. For example, Linux has been gaining momentum in China,
| due in part to the government's strong support for open source.  


Linux Helps Company Develop Scalable Infrastructure

,----[ Quote ]
| Singapore-based muvee Technologies addresses the growing need for consumer
| video creation with its flagship autoProducer PC software, which enables
| anyone to instantly turn videos and pictures into compelling,
| professional-quality productions in hundreds of different styles.    
| [...]
| To best utilize its existing computers, muvee turned to a Linux operating
| system. Zero licensing fees and free, readily available tools and scripts
| made Linux an easy choice. However, the support limitations typical of Linux
| device drivers soon became apparent. “In the early days, we had to hunt
| around for drivers and patch and rebuild the Linux kernel when we added new
| devices to the system. We needed a stable, easy to use platform,” said Lo.    
| In addition to the inherent benefits of Linux, muvee required a system that
| would enable it to focus on growing the business while minimizing system
| administration efforts. As the company expanded, it began using a larger
| number of enterprise-level servers. “With less than half a head count  
| dedicated to system administration, we needed a technology partner that could
| provide solid support for server-level hardware and software,” Lo said.    


Singapore charity creates Edubuntu computer lab for terminally ill children

,----[ Quote ]
| Using donated hardware from the Overseas Family School and National
| University of Singapore, the Linux Meetup Group used to power of LTSP to
| deploy 9 thin clients and 1 combined desktop/server.  


Donorweb Draws On Red Hat to Promote Blood Donation and Retain Blood Donors
in Singapore

,----[ Quote ]
| The content management system and more than 90 percent of the
| online applications on Donorweb are developed using open source
| software by a team of volunteers. The system and applications are
| hosted on two Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers located across
| Singapore and the US. S.P.T. Krishnan, a Red Hat Certified Engineer
| (RHCE), leads the voluntary team of developers and content editors
| and oversees the design of Donorweb's user interfaces and system
| architecture.


Building Singapore's National Grid

,----[ Quote ]
| Gt: Sticking with Gelato's "Linux on Itanium" focus, I'm wondering how
| Linux played into these projects. Is Linux the common OS across the
| NGO's various projects?
| LEE: In setting up the NGPP, we make use of existing computational
| resources, which resulted in a heterogeneous grid. As all theser
| esources (including several Itanium clusters belonging to several
| participating organizations) use Linux as the OS, Linux as the common
| OS is an obvious choice.

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