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Re: Citrix settles patent suit with Klausner ..

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

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> ____/ Doug Mentohl on Friday 13 March 2009 18:53 : \____
>> Citrix Systems has announced that it has settled a patent lawsuit with
>> privately held Klausner Technologies.
>> Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed but Citrix said part of
>> the settlement will involve it licensing Klausner's "visual voicemail"
>> technology for sending visual alerts of voice messages to phones and
>> computers ...
>> http://www.tradingmarkets.com/.site/news/Stock%20News/2221440/
> Has Judah Klausner sued the whole world yet? Are the regulators watching
> the impact of patent trolls?
> Any regulators left? Ones that aren't 'bought'?

It's kind of like the "slip and fall" lawsuits. Cheaper to pay the blood
money than fight the asinine suit in court. I remember when I lived in
California (20 years ago, or so) a regional building supply company posted
notices that any "slip and fall" lawsuits would be vigorously fought in
court and that they had set up a fund specifically for this purpose. The
year after posting the notice, they didn't have a single lawsuit.

It's time for corporations to form an anti-patent troll fund and join
together to fight patent troll leaches in court. It's either that, or see
themselves slowly bleed to death paying blood money to these worthless
parasites and extortionists.     

"There's a story there...somewhere"

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