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Key Linux advocacy Issues

  • Subject: Key Linux advocacy Issues
  • From: Rex Ballard <rex.ballard@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 13 Mar 2009 07:53:22 -0700 (PDT)
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Most of my projects are Unix (AIX, Solaris, HP_UX), and Linux (xSeries
& pSeries).

I'm also a delivery guy, I don't "sell" any products, (get paid

I get paid for delivering solutions that OTHERS have sold.
I do often make suggestions and recommendations as to
what products and platforms will facilitate that delivery.

And many of the products I recommend are based on OSS foundations.
Like WebSphere (Eclipse, apache, struts, jakarta, tomcat,...) that
wizards and aids to reduce the amount of manual programming effort.

I have two laptops,
    one runs Linux as host OS and Windows XP as guest in VM.
    one runs Windows as host OS, and has cygwin and Linux VMs.

The Linux machine is faster, but not always compatible with client

> You're a hypocrite.

You inaccurately assume that:
     I use ONLY Windows and that this is my primary source of income.
     I MUST use Windows exclusively in order to get anything done.
     I cannot or should not use anything OTHER than Windows.

I'm a Linux Advocate.  I advocate:
     People should be allowed to CHOOSE - Window, Linux, or BOTH.
     People should be allowed to make an INFORMED CHOICE.
     People should not be FORCED to chose Windows to the exclusion of
     People should not be FORCED to chose Linux to the exclusion of
     People should not have to go through major effort to install and
configure Linux.
     OEMs should preconfigure systems that run BOTH Linux AND Windows
          much the way Apple preconfigures it's PCs to run BOTH OS/X
(UNIX) AND Windows.

Microsoft uses fraud, extortion, blackmail, sabotoge, obstruction,
bribes, and settlements to
FORCE OEMs to FORCE end users to use Windows EXCLUSIVELY.

Thanks to Microsoft, someone thinks they might want to use Linux on
their PC,
   - they can't get reliable information from the OEMs, including
   - they can't get benchmarks, comparisons, and information that
might show
        Microsoft in a negative way (Microsoft's damage to brand
   - they can't get both Windows and Linux preinstalled by the OEM.
   - they have to install Linux themselves.
   - they have to repartition the disk or add a second disk for Linux.
   - they have to configure the virtualization themselves.
   - they have to install and configure all of the software
   - they have to configure network adapters, printers, and shares

In spite of all this, millions of people (10 million?  100 million?
400 million?) have
managed to install Linux and got it to "play nice" with Windows.

In addition:
    - Linux appliances such as Routers, WiFi hubs, TiVo, HDTV, DVRs,
and VoIP phones
       now out number PCs.
    - Linux is used on about 30% of the sites visited by Web Browser
         including Google, Amazon, and E-Trade.

Java software runs equally well on Linux, Windows, and Mac.
  No recompile is needed.
Mono has become a de-facto standard for developers wanting
   to develop in C#, since that subset runs on Windows, Linux, and

Many "must have" applications are OSS based applications with GUI
    many even use the Cygwin library  (Linux compatibility library for

When Linux and Windows are offered in the same configuratations, such
as on
the ASUS EEE 4G, Linux tends to sustain excellent market share

Linux won't make Windows go away completely.  For many, Linux is a
which makes a PC more powerful, flexible, and Secure, and is used IN
to Windows XP, 2000, and maybe Windows 7.

Microsoft tried to exclude Linux with Vista "linux killers", and it
backfired.  So people
didn't want Vista that much.

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