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Re: Crazy gun using guntard kills 16 students in Germany

After takin' a swig o' grog, Roy Schestowitz belched out
  this bit o' wisdom:

> ____/ chrisv on Thursday 12 March 2009 13:02 : \____
>> Peter Köhlmann wrote:
>>>Hadron snotted:
>>>> Chris Ahlstrom writes:
>>>>> Forging idiot wrote:
>>>>>> A weirdo loser who was bullied and never had a girlfriend. Just like
>>>>>> every other sorry ass lintard in the world.
>>>>> At least he didn't deliberately misquote an article and post it under
>>>>> another man's name, like you did, fsckchop.
>>>> Have you no shame?
>>>"linux-sux" Scott Ezekiel Nudds certainly has not. After all, posting
>>>under the name of another poster *and* doctoring the quote is shameless.
>>>And you have sunk so low that you attack someone who points out that
>>>behaviour? Do you actually try to sink below Glasser-level?
>> Leave it to "Hadron" Quark to come rushing to the defense of a forging
>> asshole.  What an asshole.
>> The scummier someone is, the more "Hadron" likes them.  And vice
>> versa.
> The Munchkins have also developed an obsession for Linonut. They use him as
> their subject for their homosexual fantasies. Or maybe they try to just repel
> people, which is the more likely option.

Well, they picked the wrong dude.  I simply don't care much what they write
about me.  My skin's even thicker than Zeigler's.  All they do is make
themselves look nasty and stupid, and act as straight-men for my sense of
humor.  What a circle of jerks.

If nobody answered their drivel, I'd never see it.  But, since the stench
leaks through sometimes, I just can't help spraying a little deodorizer.


The questions remain the same.  The answers are eternally variable.

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