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Re: Crazy gun using guntard kills 16 students in Germany

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____/ chrisv on Thursday 12 March 2009 13:02 : \____

> Peter Köhlmann wrote:
>>Hadron snotted:
>>> Chris Ahlstrom writes:
>>>> Forging idiot wrote:
>>>>> A weirdo loser who was bullied and never had a girlfriend. Just like
>>>>> every other sorry ass lintard in the world.
>>>> At least he didn't deliberately misquote an article and post it under
>>>> another man's name, like you did, fsckchop.
>>> Have you no shame?
>>"linux-sux" Scott Ezekiel Nudds certainly has not. After all, posting
>>under the name of another poster *and* doctoring the quote is shameless.
>>And you have sunk so low that you attack someone who points out that
>>behaviour? Do you actually try to sink below Glasser-level?
> Leave it to "Hadron" Quark to come rushing to the defense of a forging
> asshole.  What an asshole.
> The scummier someone is, the more "Hadron" likes them.  And vice
> versa.

The Munchkins have also developed an obsession for Linonut. They use him as
their subject for their homosexual fantasies. Or maybe they try to just repel
people, which is the more likely option.

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                ~~ Best of wishes

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