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Re: Ballmer: Microsoft needs to make faster Windows Mobile advances

Clogwog wrote:
> High Plains Thumper schreef...
>> Clogwog wrote:
>>> High Plains Thumper schreef...
>>>> Clogwog (Flatfish) wrote:
>>>>> "DFS" schreef...
>>>>>> Clogwog wrote:
>>> <snip>
>>>> Seeing how that this clogwog perp keeps ad hominem'ing
>>>> me, especially when it it occurs shortly after my
>>>> replies to Flatfish, the revelation of Flatfish
>>>> nymshifting using supposedly Dutch nyms, latest "Chesaar
>>>> der Anusfluit", see:
>>>> http://groups.google.com/group/comp.os.linux.advocacy/msg/15886e781615d893
>>>> and a few other clues leads me to be believe that
>>>> clogwog at least for now is Flatfish.  It appears that
>>>> the real 'clogwog', who knew Dutch and became unglued
>>>> when I called him a "kuttelikkertje" hasn't shown itself
>>>> in a while.
>>>> Nym thieving is a Flatfish trademark.
>>>> Uses anonymising mixmaster software connecting through
>>>> the worldwide anonymising network.  Selects Dutch
>>>> servers to give the impression that it is posting from
>>>> Nederlands. Selects remailer delay option to give the
>>>> impression that the posts are in Nederlands time.
>>>> Posts the map coordinates, "I'm here [on Rottumeroog 
>>>> Island]", a bird/wildlife sanctuary as a sandbar water
>>>> break to Nederlands north coast, to throw people off to
>>>> its location.
>>> BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAH!, you clueless cunt! At first I was
>>> Rick, now I'm a "flatfish", I was an Aussi, Dutch, Aussi
>>> from Dutch origin, even a South African, what's it gonna
>>> be boi?
>> Interesting that this aweful ad hominem troll states South 
>> Africa, which I never mentioned.
> Hans AKA you did!

False accusation, another Flatfish mark, attributing its troll
names to its victims.  This is an example of:


7.6 Trespasser Disinformation Tactics

  [6.] When your tactics are turned on you, call your opponents
trolls.  Do not accept the fact that by calling someone using
your tactics a troll that makes you the real troll.

>>> It was me all the time, Clogwog posting from Holland,
>>> search the hinternet, I'm very easy to find, others have
>>> done that and I don't mind.
>> Nope, definitely not from Holland, more subterfuge.
> Definitely from Holland, 16 generations!

Reading comprehension problem, I stated the troll was not posting
from Nederlands.

>>> <aside>
>>> Your incompetence to find me is noted, I pity you tardboi!
>>> High (Hoge) Plains (Vlaktes) Thumper (Neuker) is het 
>>> sufkuttige dom blondje van Marti!
>> Marti and a few other Dutchmen have noticed errors in this 
>> troll's language usage, which indicates that Dutch is not
>> its daily language.
> He's from Limburg and that's not a language but it sounds like
> some throat disease!
> Yes, I fsck up my use of Dutch and English a bit, so?

More subterfuge.  This is an example of:

    10. Refuse to admit your errors.  Never ever admit your
errors no matter how blatant they are.  If you find no way out
and have to admit that you are wrong, phrase it so that you can
accuse your opponent of being wrong.

>> However, I have a clue.  In a way it is right:
>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Amsterdam
>> New Amsterdam (Dutch: Nieuw Amsterdam) was a 17th-century
>> Dutch colonial settlement that later became New York City.

This is an example of:

  [5.] Discredit your opponent or his position through the use of
inappropriate laugher and other non-verbal grunts.

>> It uses the name "clogwog", a slang reference to Australians
>> of Dutch ancestry and a statement, "I'm here:
>> lat=53.5416623417, lon=6.57523611111", a reference to
>> Rottumeroog Island, a Nederlands north coast surf break sand
>> bar island, a protected bird/wildlife sanctuary with limited
>> accessibility by law to subterfuge its location.
> I have another 150K euro coastal defense project to take care
> of! 52.364411,5.06783

On Pampus Fort, a 200 metres wide island in the middle of Lake
IJsselmeer as a coastal defense project to defend the border
between provinces Noord-Holland and Flavoland?  Yeah, right ....

>> These 2 clues combined tell me that it is no where near 
>> Nederlands.  It also falsifies headers, selectively chooses 
>> anonymising remailing servers through use of special
>> software, to give the appearance it is posting from
>> Nederlands.  This is why people like Marti and a few others,
>> who would like to seek legal recourse or ISP termination
>> against this troll have been unsuccessful.
> I'm Dutch, you fscking netnanny!

Ooooh, flatty is mad with me, going to sic your Harley riding
sister on me?

>> It's hatred of gay people and people of Oriental looking
>> decent, which it considers gay are clues.
> 20% of Oriental looking people are gay, why should I hate
> about 500 million peoples?

Another flatfish trademark, racism.

>> When I have posted favourably toward Linux, this troll seems
>> to appear out of nowhere, with ad hominem attacks, which
>> tells me that it is one of the regular trolls posting in
>> this newsgroup.
> Only when you rant Microsoft!

Another flatfish trademark, a hatred for any form of Linux
advocacy including a negative comparison of Microsoft software

>> Its other nym, "KUTLOZE SCHEEFGEPOEPTE" ("false vaginal fart
>> poop") is another clue.
> Nice nym, huh!!! rofl
>> So, my assessment is not far from the truth.
> Your wrong, as always, Wendy/Rafael/HPT whatever!
> Again your incompetence to find me is noted.

Just another luser troll.


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