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[News] Ubuntu Gets Some Powerful New Linux Software (Plymouth)

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Plymouth Packages For Ubuntu Are Now Available

,----[ Quote ]
| Last November we learned that Plymouth would replace USplash in Ubuntu, but 
| the official graphical boot splash screen change wouldn't come until Ubuntu 
| 9.10 (a.k.a. the Karmic Koala). However, for those not interested in trying 
| out Fedora to see Red Hat's Plymouth, there is a package repository of 
| Plymouth packages for Ubuntu available. You can now run Plymouth on Ubuntu 
| 9.04 by installing the Plymouth packages from the Launchpad PPA, but the full 
| benefits will not come until the Ubuntu kernel has enabled kernel 
| mode-setting.        


One Ubuntu to Rule Them All

,----[ Quote ]
| I am advocating more change than is necessary. It does not need to go this 
| far. The change could be as simple as just changing the name. That could be 
| done quite simply. A side benfit would be one logo and Ubuntu could dispense 
| with the depressing brown and orange theme that most users dislike. The 
| distinguishing feature would not be the theme, but the desktop itself.    
| This alone would give some critics less ammunition and it would bring Mark 
| Shuttleworth’s statements of wanting an improved look and feel closer to Mac 
| OS/X more of a reality. There is no reason why GTK and QT4 can’t use the same 
| theme to create a common Ubuntu look that he wants so badly. It would 
| certainly engender brand loyalty instead of creating division in one’s own 
| house. Then there truly would be one Ubuntu to rule them all.     



The KMS, Plymouth Experience In Fedora 10

,----[ Quote ]
| Fedora generally lives on the bleeding-edge of free software packages --
| especially when it comes to the Linux kernel and X.Org -- and with
| yesterday's release of Fedora 10 Cambridge this is no different. Fedora 9 was
| the first of the major distributions to integrate any level of kernel
| mode-setting support (A Preview of Kernel-based Mode-Setting) and this
| support has been well-extended in this latest Red Hat release.


Red Hat Replaces RHGB With Plymouth

,----[ Quote ]
| Providing a graphical boot process going back to the old Red Hat Linux days
| has been rhgb, or Red Hat Graphical Boot. The Red Hat Graphical Boot process
| uses an X server to display information about services starting, etc.
| However, this Red Hat project is in the process of being discontinued. The
| successor to RHGB is called Plymouth, which is being engineered by Red Hat's
| Ray Strode.

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