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[News] GNU/Linux on Power6 Machines is Growing

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Virtualization soars on Big Blue Power boxes

,----[ Quote ]
| The overall adoption rate for Power6-based servers in the fourth quarter rose 
| a little bit to 66 per cent of all machines, according to Handy, which is up 
| a little bit from the 64 per cent attach rate on new systems in the second 
| quarter of 2008. Overall adoption of the logical partitioning hypervisor came 
| to 21 per cent of machines, for all System p boxes running AIX or Linux back 
| in the second quarter of 2007.     


Windows can't run on such computers.


Virtualization Takes Off on Entry Power Systems

,----[ Quote ]
| It looks like server virtualization really is heading to the mainstream on
| Power Systems machines, if some figures provided by the top brass at IBM are
| any indication. While logical partitioning has been available on OS/400-based
| servers since V4R4 was launched with the Northstar PowerPC servers back in
| 1999, it has been embraced mostly by big shops with big iron even as Linux
| and AIX partitions were added to the logical partitioning mix.


Customizable PowerPC board comes with Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| A company in Austin, Tex. is offering a customizable PowerPC 440 development
| board targeting low-powered embedded device and server applications.
| Available with hardware/software development services, the
| mini-ITX-format "Korat" board uses AMCC's 440EPx processor, and comes with an
| open source bootloader and Linux BSP (board support package).


PowerPC reference board comes with Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| An electronic design services (EDS) provider in San Jose has started shipping
| a PowerPC-based reference board with a Linux 2.6.24 BSP (board support
| package). GDA Technologies' "Bali" board is based on Freescale's MPC5121e, a
| system-on-chip (SoC) product targeting automotive telematics, building
| automation, medical diagnostics, surveillance, digital home, and gaming
| applications.



Power.org gains embedded Linux vendor

,----[ Quote ]
| Power.org recently published specs for a unified IBM/Motorola PowerPC
| ISA, as well as a Linux system spec. The organization plans to host
| its first-ever Power.org developer conference later this year.


PowerPC CPU module runs Linux on 24VDC

,----[ Quote ]
| INAT GmbH is shipping a PowerPC-based PC/104 CPU module that
| targets industrial applications requiring 24VDC power. The board
| is based on a 266MHz AMCC 405EP processor and includes RAM and
| flash memory, and Ethernet and serial ports, and comes with Linux
| 2.4.25 pre-installed.

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