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[News] Debate About User Experience in GNU/Linux

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Interview with Liz Danzico - User Experience

,----[ Quote ]
| Scott: There’s an interesting sense that some people see Shuttleworth in–sort 
| of the keeper of the hip version of Linux that thinks about UI. He doesn’t 
| always think about the Kernel, but yet I haven’t seen too many people ask 
| themselves, “What more could he do?”   
| Liz: Remember the book “Paradox of Choice?” I interviewed Barry Schwartz 
| once, and I recall asking him about what was needed in editorials. His 
| perspective, at least when I interviewed him about a year ago, was 
| that “We’re not coming up with better tools, or better search engines, or 
| better filters for our data. We’re actually going to human editors for the 
| work that we’re doing.”      



Linux fights back with user experience

,----[ Quote ]
| But, now Linux is edging closer to Windows in the area of user experience and 
| in many cases, a properly setup system can blow away any desktop OS user 
| experience by linking highly solid functionality (that meets user goals) with 
| AMAZING user experience.   


The perfect operating system

,----[ Gist ]
| 1. In the start menu in the image are names listed like Jasc
| Software, Cyberlink Power DVD, ArcSoft Showbiz, Veritas Software,
| Intervideo XPack. Say What?!..
| 2. The process of finding information in today?s operating systems
| (except Tiger's spotlight) looks like this:
|       1. Define where to look for the requested information
|       2. Search for the requested information
|       3. Find the requested information
| 3. When a user sees this screen he is definitely not in has best mood.
| So why bother him with a question? Asking this question once would be
| ok, but apparently XP has no long-term memory and keeps asking the
| same question over and over.
| 4. Internet Explorer asks the user if he want to run the ActiveX
| control of an unverified publisher called Microsoft Corporation.
| Wait a minute, what Is an ActiveX control and why is Microsoft an
| unverified publisher? Can't I trust my own operating system?

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