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Re: [News] [Rival] Windows Vista So Horrible That Microsoft Wants it Buried

Pissing in COLA Hen House wrote:
> Goblin wrote:
>> Pissing in COLA Hen House wrote:
>>> What does Hardon have to do with this?
>>> <snipped the rest of it -- it's just your worthless 'wet
>>> dream' if you can still have one>
>> Great typo (at least I hope it was) "hardon" or the
>> achieving of one has nothing to do with this NG.  If you are
>> referring to "Hadron" then the post was aimed at the both of
>> you with the lie of "broke" being directed as such.
>> Anyway it matters not.  You could be right, I could be
>> broke.  Who knows, or as Hadron says "who cares?" Whatever
>> anyone says here about themselves could be rubbish and
>> impossible to prove otherwise.
> I really don't care when it comes right to the heart of it.
>> Moving on, what argument are you trying to present here?
>> All I see is when a post is made which highlights Redmonds
>> shortcomming or the benefits of using an alternative, you
>> come on with junk thats not related or simply character
>> attacks.  What opposing opinion have you made?  I certainly
>> can't see any, but if you can enlighten me I'd be happy to
>> read it.
> I guess you are that ignorant and your really don't know what
> is happening.
> <http://cio.berkeley.edu/msvista/> 
> <http://tech.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=09/05/22/2228245&from=rss>
> <http://www.robins.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123133349> 
> <http://vista.blorge.com/2007/05/08/survey-windows-vista-gaining-acceptance-but-some-concern-increasing/>
> You're not to old to do the math with the USAF and the US Army
> alone and their usage of Vista and cost, to know that Vista in
> not going away nor is MS going away in your lifetime. Vista is
> being used in the development firm I work at right now.

This is a Linux advocacy group, not a support group for US
Department of Defense Microsoft product users.

Per http://www.faqs.org/faqs/linux/advocacy/faq-and-primer/

Paragraph 1.4 states, "The charter of comp.os.linux.advocacy is:
For discussion of the benefits of Linux compared to other
operating systems."

> MS will continue to be where the butter is on the bread, and
> you're a fool if you think otherwise and 'wet dreaming'.

More ad hominem potty mouthed off-topic drivel.  This corresponds

'Use ... the Internet, etc. to heighten the impression that the
enemy is desperate, demoralized, defeated, ... associated with
mental deficiency, as in, "he believes in Santa Claus, the Easter
Bunny". Just keep rubbing it in, via the ... newsgroups, ... make
the complete failure of the competition's technology part of the
mythology of the computer industry.'

(Comes vs Microsoft lawsuit, Microsoft Evangelism document, PDF
pages 45 & 55 on http://www.groklaw.net/pdf/Comes-3096.pdf )

> People are going to use what is in their face, and it's not
> Linux.

Then how do you account for:

4.6 Card Readers

Middleware shall operate and comply with any reader that is ISO
7816 (5v, 60mA) compatible, Personal Computer/Smart Card (PC/SC)
Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) Logo certified.
Additionally, middleware destined for workstations other than
WINTEL shall be interoperable with PC/SC Movement for the Use of
Smart Cards in a Linux Environment (M.U.S.C.L.E) certified and
Open Card Framework (OCF) compliant reader drivers.


This is in regards to Department of Defense requirements for
usage of common access card (CAC) access.

> All that's going to happen is MS will have Vista and Windows 7
> out there, and they are going to be supported and used.

Then how do you also explain:



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