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Re: [News] [Rival] Windows Vista So Horrible That Microsoft Wants it Buried

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____/ High Plains Thumper on Monday 25 May 2009 15:18 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Goblin on Monday:
>>> The question that needs to be asked now though is, if the
>>> faithful have been shown to have pimped Vista in the face of
>>> the complaints against it, how much faith should we put in
>>> what people say about Vista 7 or indeed any Microsoft
>>> product?
>>> Very little I'd suggest and maybe the reason why there is so
>>> much trolling and FUDing here every time posts about
>>> Microsoft appear. Its very sad, the MS faithful are getting
>>> desperate now as the last remains of their cashcows slowly
>>> evaporate.
>> For Vista, just like for Vista 7, many people got bribes for
>> fake opinions (especially if they have impact). This is well
>> documented. When real people get their hands on the products,
>> the all hell breaks loose. Vista was voted the worst product
>> by several publications as early as 2007.
>> Frankly, I can't wait till Vista 7 is out as Microsoft will go
>> frantic. It will then start talking about "Vista 8" (they
>> started mentioning this in April).
> I think that the negative press, exposure of the corporation for
> what it is, a monopoly maintenance monstrosity with a history of
> continual anti-competitive practises is finally taking its toll.
> IMHO, it goes to show that the company cannot compete on the
> merit of its own products in comparison to others, and must
> employ these monopoly maintenance practises to ensure its own
> survival.
> I don't see Windows 7 as any panacea to overcome bloat and
> incompatibility weaknesses of its current Vista operating system.
>  What I have seen so far does not convince me that it is a
> suitable replacement for long term XP version.
> It also goes to show that as I stated previously, people are not
> interested in glitter of operating system functions.  The purpose
> of an OS is to provide a consistent environment from which to
> launch applications, which do the actual work for the intended
> outcome.
> Hence, Linux is being criticised for its so-called short comings,
> but only as an indication of slimy FUD by the shills.
> People look for value added functionality, with worldwide
> recession at hand, aren't interested in an operating system that
> requires another upgrade of hardware to perform adequately.
> You'd think that with all the money Microsoft has as a
> corporation, would be able to utility software expertise to
> provide an OS that is lean and mean, with adequate security
> features capable of running reasonably on lighter hardware.
> This I have yet to see.
> Instead, it appears to be yet another attempt to force people to
> purchase new hardware with an OS upgrade.
> It would also not surprise me, that some wheeling and dealing was
> done to prevent Linux from getting a foothold in the market by
> getting OEM's to upgrade notebooks so they could run Windows XP.
> Since netbooks have gone up in price, what I see is a decline
> sale of netbooks, which goes counter to providing cost effective
> solutions.  Some have expressed a desire to purchase a cost
> effective Linux netbook, only to find that they have been sold
> out and there are no back ordering or replacements.

Yes, this decline is to do with cost, which a fat operating system is bound to
elevate. To Microsoft, the demise of sub-notebooks would be good news; OLPC
likewise. Microsoft is bleeding in these areas where it would offer kickbacks
just to block GNU/Linux.
> This, I believe will be exposed eventually for what it is,
> continual monopoly maintenance.

Microsoft's earnings are down 32%.

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