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Re: [News] Internet Explorer 8 Still Breaks the Web, Angers Designers

On Sun, 24 May 2009 22:04:43 +0100, Andrew Halliwell wrote:

> Ezekiel <there@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> It's IE's fault they were invalid in the first place, if that's what you
>>> mean. All those webpages designed just to satisfy the borked 
>>> standardbreaker
>>> that was IE6. IE6 is responsible for almost all website crimes against 
>>> HTML.
>> Have you ever considered posting something that's based on actual fact 
>> instead of simply parroting the Schestowitz party line?
> You deny the fact that IE6 (and previous versions) deliberately broke the
> web?

Actually, yes.  I'll deny that.

In reality, when IE6 as released, it had the best HTML and CSS conformance
of any browser.  Of course Mozilla was still almost 2 years from releasing
a viable product, so the alternative was Netscape and Opera, which at the
time had a lot of problems also. 

The problem was, of course, that it didn't improve when others did.

Now, you can claim they deliberately didn't improve IE6, but IE6 was the
best of breed when it was released.  So don't pretend that IE6 was somehow
intended to sabotage web standards, when it conformed to the more than
anyone else did at the time.

> Are you really that clueless?

Are you?

> And cut it out with the "your boss schestowitz" bullshit.
> I've been here a hell of a lot longer than him.

Perhaps you should try using your brain then, and forming your own opinions
rather than blindly accepting those that are handed to you.

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