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Re: IBEX and newsgroup intimidation

Homer wrote:
> Chris Ahlstrom spake thusly:
>> Condensed from Codev2, by Lawrence Lessig
>> <http://codev2.cc/> [...] Conversation fell off, people
>> drifted away.
> This is exactly why Microsoft pays shills to troll COLA, and
> why they should all be killfiled. They don't care if their
> arguments are right or wrong; they're not here to debate,
> they're just here to shut us up by disrupting this group with
> their relentless attacks.

Some continuously feed without exposing their behaviour.  This is
bad.  Reply is not necessarily feeding, particularly if it makes
them look bad.  I mean bad by exposing the truth.  This is why
that when I provide a reply to a troll, it is linked so the
reader can research for themselves, and see what hideous persona
these trolls are.

> Of course I'm stating the obvious, but apparently it needs to
> be stated, as certain advocates insist on continuing to
> respond to the trolls, thus playing right into their hands.

Yes, there are a few.  However, what is interesting is how they
support each other, continue the thread in the absence of advocates.

> There's no mystery here, indeed it's patently obvious: What
> kind of person posts prolifically to a group whose only 
> interest is something which that poster does /not/ support?

There has to be a monetary security reason as to why they troll
in this newsgroup.  And you are right, the only purpose served is
for disruption.  When a positive Linux thread is developing, they
start their moronic ad hominem non-sense.

Worst of these offenders are Flatfish, Snit, Hadron, DFS in that

To increase advocate frustration levels, sock Clogwog with other
pseudo Dutch nyms puts on his wooden shoes, then assails in
Dutch, poorly written Dutch.  The only thing coming out is potty
mouthed language, which reveals an intellectually challenged person.

In light of trolling up because it is the Eve of Windows 7, these
all fit the mould of:

'Use ... the Internet, etc. to heighten the impression that the
enemy is desperate, demoralized, defeated, ... associated with
mental deficiency, as in, "he believes in Santa Claus, the Easter
Bunny". Just keep rubbing it in, via the ... newsgroups, ... make
the complete failure of the competition's technology part of the
mythology of the computer industry.'

(Comes vs Microsoft lawsuit, Microsoft Evangelism document, PDF
pages 45 & 55 on http://www.groklaw.net/pdf/Comes-3096.pdf )


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