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Re: GNU/Linux is Evolution, Windows is a Dinosaur

On Apr 16, 6:51 pm, Terry Porter <linu...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Doctor Smith wrote:
> > On Thu, 16 Apr 2009 19:45:29 +0000, Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> >> The difference between Linux and Windows

> > People are willing to pay money for Windows rather than use free Linux.
> > That says it all.

> That's a joke, considering you didn't pay for Windows yourself, instead
> insisting that as a 'subcontractor' you're entitled to a copy stolen from
> your previous employer 8 years ago!

I never cease to be amazed at how many "Windows Advocates" have not
only never actually paid for Windows, using either the OEM copy or an
employer copy, but how many have actually PIRATED Windows.

> Even Bill Gates has said that the worst Windows pirates are small business
> and home users.

The latter is probably very true.  Home users don't usually get or
install Windows themselves, they buy a PC that comes with Windows
preinstalled.  However, they often install pirated versions of MS-
Office and even MS-Project and Visio.

If Dr Smith did what Terry describes, then Dr Smith would be guilty of
violating federal copyright law and could face up to 5 years in
federal prison if convicted.

Corporate Microsoft license agreements permit full-time permanent
employees to use Windows on laptops, and permit contractors to use
fixed PCs or company owned laptops for the duration of their contract
with the employer, and only for company related purposes.

The minute you terminate the contract, even if it's because you
successfully completed the engagement, the contractor has to turn over
the laptop and all related software.  Under NO circumstances is the
license transferred to the contractor.

Many corporations purchase extra licenses, to cover employees who
might have a second machine at home, or a second laptop.  Even then
they are supposed to let other family members use the corporate
Windows license.  If the employee has a family PC, the family should
use the OEM license, and purchase MS-Office from the OEM or from a
retailer.  The family should NOT use the Corporate MS-Office licensed
machine for things like homework, the church newsletter, or other
personal uses or for their home businesses.

Normally, the only penalty that is likely, is that Microsoft will
disable the PC until the pirate purchases properly licensed software.
Using ANY Pirated software on the PC is a violation of the Windows End
User License Agreement.  The End User License Agreement gives
Microsoft the right to check the computer using any means necessary,
to examine ANY files on the PC, and to use it for ANY purpose,
including some of the examples listed in the license, but not limited
to those uses listed.

If you pirate Microsoft's intellectual property, then Microsoft has
the right to make any use of any intellectual property they find on
your PC.  If they want to sell that information to one of your
competitors, you have given them the right to do so.

> No one pays for Windows, it's force fed to them by OEMS, like fluoride in
> the water supply.

And the OEMs have it force-fed to them in "point of a gun" contracts.
Microsoft doesn't need to actually point a gun at the CEO's head, but
the CEO knows that if he doesn't accept Microsoft's terms, he gets NO
Licenses, and this makes it much harder to sell computers.

The exceptions are companies like ASUS and Apple, who were willing to
offer an entire line of PCs that would NOT have Windows.  When sales
were succesful, and cutting into Microsoft's revenue, Microsoft
offered these companies Windows on more flexible terms.

> When it comes to Windows, people have little free choice.

It's extremely hard for them to make an INFORMED choice.  It's quite
easy to order a PC preconfigured with Linux, but it's nearly
impossible to see such a machine on the retail sales floor of any
retail space where there is high traffic.

Microsoft even tries to intimidate small shops in off-highway strip
malls, and uses their control of trademark licenses to limit their
ability to promote Linux and Windows in the same advertizing or even
the same Window display.

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