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Re: GNU/Linux is Evolution, Windows is a Dinosaur

On Apr 16, 3:19 pm, Doctor Smith <iaintgotnostinkinem...@xxxxxxx>
> On Thu, 16 Apr 2009 19:45:29 +0000, Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> > The difference between Linux and Windows

> People are willing to pay money for Windows rather than use free Linux.
> That says it all.

No, "People", meaning End Users, hate windows with a passion, and hate
vista even more.  They view it as a necessary evil, like traffic.

OEMs on the other hand, when faced with the ultimatum of "ALL Windows
or NO Windows" issued by Microsoft year after year, backed up by
highly publicized revoking of licenses for entire PC lines in the late
1990s, has made it clear that Microsoft is willing to back up their

Microsoft has even defied the United States government, the EU courts,
and other federal authorities, adding even MORE restrictions to OEM
licenses, Corporate Licenses, and End User License Agreements.  Pretty
much thumbing their noses at the Appeals courts, Judge Kolar Kotelly,
and the attorneys general of about 40 states.  They have openly
declared "We are above the law", and as a result were followed by
banks and big corporations, realizing that "there is no law" if you're
big enough, and became companies "too big to fail".

Much of the current recession is a direct result of Bush using the
same tactics to disable regulators and compliance officers in numerous
other cases and judgements.  Remember when Bush appointed a Microsoft
advocate as the compliance officer, and had him working under the
Marketing department, here he would naturally get bonuses based on the
company's revenue and profit growth?  The tactic worked so well, that
Bush did the same thing with nearly all compliance officers, in effect
paying them to BLOCK and OBSTRUCT attempts to regulate compliance with
federal laws and regulations.

When given the choice between Windows PC and a Mac running OS/X with
Windows as a virtualized guest, about 20% of the market is willing to
pay as much as 3 times more for the hybrid system.

When given the choice between identically configured Windows and Linux
sub-notebooks, only 40% chose Windows.  OEMs like ASUS and ACER had to
almost double the storage and memory to make Windows versions more
popular than the ultralight Linux machines.

Of course, the little sub-notebooks couldn't run Vista, so they were
only given Windows XP Home edition.  And nobody knows how many Linux
users purchased the Windows machines for the larger hard drives,
camera, and Cellular Modems, and just installed Linux once they got

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