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Re: Gnote 0.3.1

After takin' a swig o' grog, chrisv belched out
  this bit o' wisdom:

> Miguel de Icaza wrote:
>> "True Linux advocate" Hadron Quark wrote:
>>> You are wasting your time. Roy and his "troops", notably Chris Ahlstrom,
>>> openly attack OSS developers without having a clue about the technology
>>> in hand.
>>You are most likely right.
> No, "Hadron" is most likely lying, as usual.
>>> ALL they see is MS - and they hate MS. Which is surprising
>>> since they make their money from MS SW and Adverts. Yes - Roy has MS
>>> adverts generating him income on his anti Novel/Mono
>>> websites. Astonishing eh?
> Priceless that you would align yourself with such freedom-hating scum
> as Hadron Quark, a known liar and anti-Linux troll.  Check out some of
> these quotes:
> 'But then the COLA freeloaders, amongst others, steal the code, branch
> it and then make their own "Free" alternative.' -  "True Linux
> advocate" Hadron Quark
> "Thanks beardies - a lot of people will become very rich from your
> hard work."  -  "True Linux advocate" Hadron Quark
> "You think installing Edubuntu on cracked old machines for cheapskates
> is good advocacy?"  -  "True Linux advocate" Hadron Quark
> "Apparently it's called choice : I call it a diluted mess designed to
> confuse and put real people off. A bit like the crazy distro dance."
> -  "True Linux advocate" Hadron Quark
> "Watch all the OSS programmers go shooting over to SUSE now that the
> money will start rolling in.   LOL."  -  "True Linux advocate" Hadron
> Quark, November 2006

Some more from Hadron:

   YOu must do. Your tongue is up Roy's crack most of the time. You are one
   of about 3 posters who defends his more non sensical and dishonest
   posts. It's why you#re generally considered so dishonest and laughed at
   by most non "advocates". Almost over night you gave up the truth and
   became a Roy shill. Heck, you even shilled William Poaster.
   Another good example of Ahlstrom's cluelessness and the disrespect he
   shows other people's intelligence. In one post he is boasting about his
   elite killfiles, and now he doesn't "trust" an entire server. The man is a
   hypocrite. Funny how it works for everyone else.

   I have done so before. Liarmutt (Chris Ahlstrom) ran away from the
   thread. He had just been explaining to his posse how only idiots could
   not adapt to a totally different icon and hotkey set on an app on the
   same desktop. I was gobsmacked that someone who claims to be a developer
   could be so clueless about the *basics* of UI design and

   It does appear that Chris Arsestrom is attached to Roy's sphincter via
   his tongue. Quite amazing as he used to be quite a balanced poster. Now
   its just, as you say, snip and hide and giggle while not even bothering
   to argue the FACTS presented to him. He rarely, if ever, reads the posts
   he replies to. It's almost as if Roy kicks him up his arse and says "go
   get Liarmutt, fetch!".

Nice fellow you're tag-teaming with, Miguel.

Q:	How can you tell when a Burroughs salesman is lying?
A:	When his lips move.

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