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Re: Gnote 0.3.1

Miguel de Icaza wrote:

> "True Linux advocate" Hadron Quark wrote:
>> You are wasting your time. Roy and his "troops", notably Chris Ahlstrom,
>> openly attack OSS developers without having a clue about the technology
>> in hand.
>You are most likely right.

No, "Hadron" is most likely lying, as usual.

>> ALL they see is MS - and they hate MS. Which is surprising
>> since they make their money from MS SW and Adverts. Yes - Roy has MS
>> adverts generating him income on his anti Novel/Mono
>> websites. Astonishing eh?

Priceless that you would align yourself with such freedom-hating scum
as Hadron Quark, a known liar and anti-Linux troll.  Check out some of
these quotes:

'But then the COLA freeloaders, amongst others, steal the code, branch
it and then make their own "Free" alternative.' -  "True Linux
advocate" Hadron Quark

"Thanks beardies - a lot of people will become very rich from your
hard work."  -  "True Linux advocate" Hadron Quark

"You think installing Edubuntu on cracked old machines for cheapskates
is good advocacy?"  -  "True Linux advocate" Hadron Quark

"Apparently it's called choice : I call it a diluted mess designed to
confuse and put real people off. A bit like the crazy distro dance."
-  "True Linux advocate" Hadron Quark

"Watch all the OSS programmers go shooting over to SUSE now that the
money will start rolling in.   LOL."  -  "True Linux advocate" Hadron
Quark, November 2006

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