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Re: Gnote 0.3.1

Miguel de Icaza <miguel.de.icaza@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Roy said:
>> > Gnote is an experimental port of Tomboy to C++
>> Novell deIcazawill start rallying the troops...
>> "More MONO! Schnell! We need more Mono!!111"
> I disagree Roy. As someone that has embraced multiple languages and
> bridges across multiple languages for years, this is very far from the
> truth.
> People should write code in whatever language they feel like using.
> If folks want Tomboy written in C++ and want to help GNote, more power
> to them.
> But I embrace more than multiple languages.   Trying to force people
> into a single programming language or framework is like trying to
> convert people to your religion.   And I see no point in launching a
> full evangelical effort to spread my particular kind of religion, or
> my set of beliefs.
> I like to see the world as a world of possibilities, something that
> can be tweaked to be improved, polished, iterated upon and something
> that I can have fun doing.   The world of dead-ends and fear is not my
> world.
> There is never going to be an answer to the question what is better vi
> or emacs, perl or python.   There is no binary answer, there are
> millions of elements at play.

You are wasting your time. Roy and his "troops", notably Chris Ahlstrom,
openly attack OSS developers without having a clue about the technology
in hand. ALL they see is MS - and they hate MS. Which is surprising
since they make their money from MS SW and Adverts. Yes - Roy has MS
adverts generating him income on his anti Novel/Mono
websites. Astonishing eh? Chris also ranted about Mono recently only to
back track when it became apparent that he didn't know what it
was. Although he isn't quite as hateful of MS as Roy as has actually
openly boasted about how much money he makes from MS SW. I would have
thought mono would have opened his possibilities for income some more.

Best of luck in your initiatives : Linux  needs Mono more than the other
way around.....

> Every software programmer mind is a universe (ok, Roy's mind is more
> like a dirty puddle) and when a programmer writes code, he will assess
> different needs when he writes the code.
> Some programmers will want to squeeze every cycle of a computer and
> will use assembly language and clever algorithms to achieve their
> goal;    Some others will want to innovate, the computer, the language
> and the framework are merely the raw materials for creating;    Some
> wants to learn a new skill;   Some want to improve an existing
> skill;   Some want to write faster code;   Some want more memory
> efficient code;   Some want functional code;   Some like documented
> code;   Some people write programs, other write systems, other write
> products.  Some want to achieve a vision;   Some want to get their job
> done;   Some are scratching an itch;   Some write it as a gift to
> their friends;   Some as a gift to their communities;   Some to show
> their skills;   Some have big dreams;   Some are wizards;   Some bring
> expertise in algorithms;   Some their expertise in math, biology,
> relationships, evolution, statistics, math;   Some look for new
> solutions to existing problems;   Some create new solutions for new
> problems.
> I have had the privilege of working with people across that spectrum
> and our lives and work have crossed paths, sometimes once, sometimes
> many times and some collaborations continue to this day.   And I have
> learned and enjoyed every moment of it.
> A long time ago I realized that there was no point in trying to impose
> the "one true way" on others.   If people like vi more than emacs, so
> be it.   We will not intersect there, but we might intersect somewhere
> else.   Just like I do not need all of my friends to do everything I
> do at the same time.    I enjoy the company of my different friends
> for different activities.   I would not want to change them.
> I have also crossed the paths of people that hate, people that lie,
> bigots and poo poo heads.  I do not enjoy those people.
> Miguel.

In view of all the deadly computer viruses that have been spreading
lately, Weekend Update would like to remind you: when you link up to
another computer, you’re linking up to every computer that that
computer has ever linked up to. — Dennis Miller

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