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Re: [News] [Rival] Microsoft Penalised $300,000,000, ODF Unaffected by XML Suit

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____/ Rick on Friday 14 August 2009 13:29 : \____

> On Fri, 14 Aug 2009 09:22:25 -0400, DFS wrote:
>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>> ODF Not Implicated In i4i Suit
>>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>>> That contradicts assertions by Burton Group analyst Guy Creese, who
>>>> told Visual Studio Magazine that the patent could spell trouble for
>>>> the next version of ODF because "ODF 1.2 will move to a similar custom
>>>> schema that OOXML has."
>>>> Likewise, Gartner analyst Brian Prentice told CNET that the fallout
>>>> from the lawsuit may "also impact ODF."
>>> `----
>>> http://industry.bnet.com/technology/10003062/odf-not-implicated-in-i4i-
> suit/
>>> Burton and Gartner are both corrupted analysts which are paid by
>>> Microsoft to attack Linux, FOSS, ODF, etc.
>> Unless they say something positive about Linux, then you rush to quote
>> them.
>> You're a fraud, Spamowitz.
> Pot. Kettle. Black.

- From Comes vs Microsoft
http://boycottnovell.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/px02817.pdf >.

Note last page, which shows that Gartner was paid almost $500,000.


interoffice memo

To: Brad Chase, Jim Allchin
Cc: Adam Taylor, Yusaf Mehdi, Windows Marketing, IE. Marketing
From: Keith White, Windows Org Mktg. Team
RE: Windows Organizational Marketing 2H FY98 Plan

Executive Summary
The Windows Org marketing team has spent the past 6 months fighting the TCO
battle, addressing the threat of the NC, executing a number of Windows sustain
marketing programs, as well as begun the preparation for the launch of Windows
98 and Beta 2 of NTWS.

Some of the highlights include:
- - We have been closely monitoring, attacking, and winning NC threatened
- - Successfully lobbied and changed the Gartner Group TCO model to show Windows
as providing the lowest overall TCO
- - Developed and shipped the Windows 95 Zero Administration Kit
- - Wrote and shipped the beta version of the Windows 98 Resource Kit
- - Successfully trained our field sales force and channel on the benefits of
Windowsâ 98 in corporations
- - Executed on a number of high level keynotes and tradeshows, including a
massive PDC and Comdex
- - Executed an informative Bannerâs & Bridges exercise to find and address key
issues with NTW becoming default OS in organizations
- - Developed and began implementing the corporate plans for Windows 98 and NTW5
* Developed corporate focused demonstrations of Win98 and NTW5
 Presented over 80% of the desktop focused EBCs, GERs, and MESs

Even with this work, organizations are still in a state of confusion on the
desktop. They have the issue of running multiple versions of Windows (Win95
Gold, SP1, and OSR1, 2, or 2.5, and NTW4, SP1, 2, or 3) in their environment.
There is still a significant amount of Win16 (~35% of the installed base), the
Year 2000 issue is taking away focus and diverting resources away from
evaluating new OSs, and Windows is still expensive to deploy and support.
Corporations see NTW5 as the silver bullet, and many are planning on bypassing
Windows 98 in order to deploy NTW5, however many of the TCO benefits are tied
to NT Server 5.0, which could expand the evaluation cycle as well.

Given the above situation, our 4 main objectives for 2H FY98 will be to:

1. Increase Win32 penetration in corporates to 65% in FY98 by focusing on NTW4
sustain activities. With the huge mind-share NT3 is demanding, it is critical
we continue to sell todayâs products in order to incease Win32 penetration.
Along with Billshaâs OEM team, we are Implementing a number of NTW 4.0 sustain
activities including an âNTW Means Businessâ campaign to drive customers to
purchase NTW pre-installed on new systems. We are also demonstrating customer
momentum and standardization with case studies at high profile events such as
the MS/Intel Workstation Leadership Forum, and working with the OEM team to
promote the advances NTW has made in driver, mobile, and application support.

2. Deliver a worldwide launch of Win98 to âorporates in FY98, by delivering a
core set of evaluation and migration tools. Though NTW is the recommended
product for organizations, we are positioning Windows 98 to corporates as âA
smart upgrade if you canât move to NTWâ. We are executing on a corporate and
partner-driven Rapid Deployment Program in order to understand deployment
issues and generate PR references. We are also developing tools such as a

BS-PC 1359582


Guide and a Zero Administration Kit for Windows 98, as well as working with
analysts to demonstrate
the support and deployment cost savings realized with Win98.

3. Prepare our field, channel, and customers for a worldwide launch of NTW5 in
FY99. As Billg has stated that Microsoft is âbetting the company on Windows
NT5â, we are focusing the majority of our efforts on ensuring we generate
early wide scale evaluation of Windows NT 5.0 via the Windows bit 5.0
Corporate Preview Program. Weâll gain knowledge 0f deployment issues and
process from the Rapid Deployment Program, build tools such as the Evaluation
and Deployment Guide, and educate our partners and customers on how to deploy
via a series of Windows Technical Workshops and Deployment Conferences. At the
same dine we are synching with the NT Server, Office 9, and the IE 5.0 teams
to promote âPlatform 99â as the next generation business desktop.

4. Halt the NC from making any noise in FY98. Though the NC has failed to live
up to its early threat of mass PC replacement, we are actively tracking
threatened accounts and monitoring and attacking the NC constituents (IBM,
Sun, Oracle) with high level TCO and Windows messages. We are executing on a
PR plan to expose the NC as âdeadâ, continuing to arm our field sales force
with competitive analysis and responses, and working with the Hydra and WBT
OEM teams to build the Windows value proposition for thin clients.

If we are successful with the above objectives, we will have made significant
progress in migrating the majority of corporate desk-tops to 32-bit Windows,
adequately prepared the marketplace to shift to NTW, and stopped our chief
temperer, the NC, from making any inroads. The remainder of this document will
provide greater detail on the core objectives, including budget, timeline, and
roles and responsibilities.


1. NTW 4.0 Sustain Marketing-âNTW Means Businessâ
2. Windows 98 Corporate Plan- âA Smart Upgrade if you canât move to NTWâ
3. Windows NTW 5.0 Plans- âGet Ready for NTWSâ and âPlatform 99â
4. NC Attack Plan - âThe NC is Deadâ

1) NTW 4.0 Sustain Marketing-âNTW Means Businessâ
In order to continue to drive Win32 penetration, and prepare the market for the
shift to NTW, we are working closely with Billshaâs OEM team in executing on a
number of NTW4 sustain marketing programs. The strategy is to generate
customer demand to drive OEMs to pre-install NTW as the default OS on their
business line of PCs. These programs include:
- - Windows Strategy Tour : In the April-May timeframe we will hit the road for
an 18-city roadshow that will clearly define our overall Windows strategy
targeted at the Business Decision Makers. This roadshow will focus on moving
customers to NTW4 today, and defining where Hydra, Win98, and NTW5 fit into
the overall picture, and how to choose the appropriate desktop OS for your
- - Advertising: Loribi and her communication team will be continuing the
existing NTW ads, focusing on a TCO ad in the spring time frame, partnering
with Kingston on their customer reference ads, and partnering with some of the
top OEMs for joint ad campaigns.
- - Tradeshows Presence : This âNTW Means Businessâ campaign actually started at
Comdex and will flow into Spring Networld + Interop, where we are taking over
the show with OEM partners, banners, SWAT efforts, etc. to give NTW a very
visible presence. This also includes theater and booth presentations driving
home the NTW message.
- - Addressing the key barriers to NTW adoption : We are also marketing the fact
that NTW has made great strides in addressing some of its key issues:
1. We now support as many devices as Win95
2. Many of the top OEM vendors are building APM and PnP into their laptop lines
using the. APM kit from MS
3. We have increased the number of 16-bit and MS-DOS based applications in our
Software Compatibility List.
- - PR References and Case Studies : In order to show momentum for NTW, we am
driving the case study team and ECU in finding customers to act as PR
references and to develop case studies. We aggressively targeting customers
who fall into the following segments:
- - UNIX to NTW switchers: This includes accounts like John Deere, Caterpillar,
Morgan Stanley
- - Standardized on NTW4: This includes accounts such as UAL, Bridgestone, Xerox,
and Kimberty-Clark


MS-PCA 1359583

- - Aggressively planning the move to NTW5: This includes accounts such as
Boeing, Texaco, KPMG, Compaq and Intel
- - Easier Deployment and Support: To demonstrate to customers that NTW is truly
the standard business destop we are taking the following actions:
  -Increasing Support: Moving NTW support from 2 free incidents to 90 days
free support which puts it inline with Windows 95.
  -Supporting cloning of hard drives for deployment: Previously we did not
support the use of cloning tools such as âGhostâ in order to deploy NTW. We
have been working with development to add support for this into the NTW setup
routine, and are working directly with the cloning ISVs to add support in to
their products.

2) Windows 98 Corporate Plan-âA Smart Upgrade if you canât move to NTWâ
With the launch of Windows 98 expected in the June timeframe, we need to ensure
that we have the appropriate experience, knowledge, and tools to help
customers with their migration to Windows 98. Even though NTW is the main
focus in organizations, we need to make sure we do our due diligence for those
customers who will continue with Windows 98. Weâll execrate on the following
programs to ensure we are prepared for this launch:
- - Rapid Deployment Program: Define and execute a Rapid Deployment Program
targeted at 5 accounts (TVA, BC Telecom, Northeast Utility, City of San Diego)
and 12 partners in order to understand the key deployment issues, generate PR
references and case studies, and show momentum for Win98 in corporates at
launch. The program will also help us to define and create tools to help other
customers migrate to Win98 easily.
- - Windows 98 Resource Kit: Windows Marketing is responsible for the creation of
the Windows 98 Resource Kit. This 16 chapter 1600 page booklet goes to beta
Feb 11th, and will be completed prior to launch, turned into HTML and
distributed to the masses with the Corporate Eval and Deployment Guide. The
kit will also include approximately 4S tools to assist in support, deployment,
and management of the Windows 98 desktops.
- - Windows 98 Management and Deployment Guide and Tools: Utilizing our knowledge
from.Win95 and NTW4 deployments we have contracted with Gartner Group and MCS
to develop a âBest Practicesâ Guide to managing your desktop environment, and
preparing for deployment of Win32 desktops. Also, via the Rapid Deployment
program, we are creating an in-depth Windows 98 Deployment Guide which
describes the different tools and methodologies for easily deploying Win98,
includlng the new âDollyâ disk cloning tool, Batch98, and the new
- - Windows 98 Preview Program: In order to reach the MORG audience in a cost
effective way, and provide them with the most up-to-date technical information
on Windows 98, we created a preview program which is Windows 98 Beta 3 bundled
with the Beta release of the Windows 98 Resource Kit. We have shipped 45,000
copies of the Preview Program Kit. The kit retails for $69.9S and will be on
shelves Feb. 114. Internationally, we are shipping 10K units of the English
Resource Kit only to the UK and Australia.
- - Zero Admin Kit for Windows 98: Following on the success of the Win95 and NTW4
Zero Admin Kits, we are updating the existing ZAK for Windows 98. This will
allow administrators to have the ability to lock down Windows 98 desktops in
either Taskstation or Appstation mode, and will give them the tools and
methodologies to adjust this control over the desktop according to their
needs. The ZAK for Win98 will be released at the launch of Win98 and may be
included on the Resource Kit CD.
- -Reduced Deployment and Support Costs, Business Justification: Internally we
have found that Windows 98 addresses a number of support and deployment
issues, in fact the original numbers showed a reduction of 19% in support
costs, and 22% in deployment costs. We have contracted with Workgroup
Technologies in order to have a 3rd party validate these numbers. The report
is due in April.
- - Windows 98 Marketing Day: We will tie into the March 16-17 Windows 98
Marketing Day put on by the Chrwildâs team by inviting our top 50 LARs to San
Francisco to hear about corporate opportunities with Windows 98. Weâll discuss
migration tools and strategies as well as business benefits, and also utilize
this time to re-enforce our overall client positioning.

3) Windows NTW5 Plans-âGet Ready for NTW5â and âPlatform 99â
It is critical we prepare our field, partners, and customers early for the
launch of NTW5. Our focus in the 2H of FY98 will be on early education, early
access to code, and to kick off the evaluation process in


MS-PCA 1359584

organizations with the help of our partners in the Beta 2 timeframe. Weâll
execute on the following programs to ensure we are prepared to launch Beta 2
to the world:

- - Corporate Preview Program: This worldwide program is designed to generate
wide-scale evaluation of Windows NT 5.0 targeted at the breadth LORGs and MORG
audience in the Beta 2 timeframe. The kit will include 5 NTW licenses, 2 NTS
licenses, 100 NTS CALs, as well as the Evaluation and Deployment Guide, and
access to online and limited phone technical support. The cost of the kit is
$59.95. We are planning on shipping over 1 million NTW licenses with this
program, and as part of Platform 99, weâll refresh the participants with RC1
and the Office 9 marketing beta in the fall.
- - Rapid Deployment Program: At the same time we are driving the Win98 RDP, we
will be driving an even bigger NT5 program. This program will include 14
accounts worldwide including: Lucent, Ford. MCI, Intel, Charles Schwab,
Boeing, Texaco, GE, Nedcor Bank/South Africa, Petroleos Venezuela, Swedish
Post/Sweden, Credit Suisse/UK, Bankers Trust/Australia, Japanese Account TBD,
as well as 45 partners who will be driving and additional 2 accounts each.
Again the key objective of this program is to understand and solve deployment
issues, generate momentum and PR references at launch, and develop necessary
tools to help the masses evaluate and deploy. As part of Platform 99, the NTW
RDP will have a number of accounts that are also participating in the NTS RDP,
Office9 RDP, and the IE5 RDP m order to understand cross product deployment
issues. This is part of our Platform 99 initiative to understand and
communicate the benefits of the new generation desktop from Microsoft.
- - Evaluation and Deployment Guide: Itâs critical that we supply our customers
with effective tools to evaluate and deploy Windows 98 and NTW5 prior to the
launch of these two products, in order to condense the eval and deployment
cycle. The objective of the guide is to deliver an open and structured
framework of tools and information to accelerate the evaluation period and
deployment-planning phase. Targeted at the Technical & Business
Decision-Makers, this CD will ship with the Corporate Preview Program and will
be a snapshot of our http://www.microsoft.com/windows/org web-site. As part of
Platform 99, this guide will have the same look and feel and integrate content
from the Office9 and IE5 sites. The beta of the Windows portion will be
delivered on 3/31.
- - NT5 Deployment Conferences: In order to ensure we have a number of our
corporate customers and partners up to speed on deploying Windows NT 5.0,
Microsoft is hosting 3 deployment conferences in the next year, targeted
specifically at early adopters. The first NT5 Deployment conference will take
place in San Jose on March 17-20, and will be targeted at the 25 accounts and
45 partners participating in the Rapid Deployment Program. The second
conference is June 30-July 2 in Bellevue, and will be an invite only event for
our top customers and partners. The third event is scheduled for Feb. â991 and
will be an open event, targeted at 5-6000 attendees. The 3-day conferences
will feature hands-on Iabs, planning and deployment training from our RDP
customers, and all attendees will leave with a copy of the Corporate Preview
Program. As part of Platform 99, we will also include Office9 and IE5 sessions
at the conference.
- - Windows Technical Workshops: We plan to revive the very successful Windows
Technical Workshop in June to accelerate the deployment of 32-bit Windows
(with focus on Windows NT 5.0) by educating breadth LORG and MORGs on
deployment tools and strategies. This roadshow will be a 17-city one-day event
in the U.S. and in Europe and the Far East (train the trainer format). The
WTWs will be presented by product marketing, with corporate and field driven
attendance of MORG and breadth LORG, LAR, MCSPs, and Value Added Providers.
The content will be very technical, with a lot of âHow toâ do something. Weâll
also use this opportunity to set expectation for NT5 planning.
- - NT5 ECI/Migration Team (MSNA Only): In order to accelerate the strategic and
named ECU accounts thru the eval and deployment process, we are working with
the ECU Telesales team to drive the top ECU accounts through the 5 migration
steps prior to launch. The goal is to have 40% in the deployment phase 90 days
post launch of NT5. The evaluation starts with Beta 2 of NTW, and continues to
90 days post launch. The benefit for the account is they will have direct
contact with the product group for updated information, product updates,
migration tools, and can get their specific product issues addressed. ECU
Telesales will be responsible for monthly reporting of account status, key
product and business issues and barriers, and can assist with what tools and
information is needed to address these issues. As part of Platform 99, we will
also integrate Office9 and IE5 into the program.
- - NTW5 Deployment Tools: We are planning a number of tools to assist accounts
in their migration to NTW5. Along with the tools described above, also planned
  Â-âGet Ready for NTWSâ-This web based tool will automatically scan a PC and
identify if that PC is âreadyâ to be upgraded to NTW5. The tool will check
processor speed, memory, hard disk


MS-PCA 1359585

space, and compare the. device drivers to those listed in the Hardware
Compatibility list to ensure we have the appropriate drivers. Weâll also
extend this to software, and identify the different applications, and let you
know if possfole issues with supported applications from the Software
Compatibility List.
  - Application Certification Tool- One of the biggest barriers with accounts
rolling out new OSs is testing and certifying all of their internal
applications. We plan on decreasing the amount of time it takes to certify
applications with a set of tools and methodologies based on work done with
Morgan Stanley in their rollout of NTW4.
different applications, and let you know if possfole issues with supported
applications from the Software Compatibility List.
  - Channel/Partners: A significant amount of our efforts vail be to
integrate the channel and our partners into the above programs. The will play
a critical role in the Corporate Preview Program and our Rapid Deployment
efforts. We will utilize events such as Tech-Ed, Tech Fusion, and VAP and
Partner tech briefings to educate and get the channel and our partners up to
speed and motivated. We will also utilize the ATEC âtrain the trainerâ model
and subsidize NTW5 classes.

4) NC Attack Plan-âThe NC is Deadâ

Though we have made great s~rides to ensure the NC does not gain footholds in
any of our accounts, we can expect another big push from IBM and Sun in the
2nd half. IBM is already pushing theft NetStafions hard into accounts, and Sun
is planning on releasing their Java Stations in the first half of CY98. Our
focus will be to continue to expose the issues with the NC idea, while
communicating the benefits of Windows and our thin client strategy with Hydra
and the Windows-based Terminal. Weâll execute on the following programs to
ensure the NC makes no headway in the 2nd half of FY98:
  - Expose the NC as Dead to the press and analyst: We will spend a
considerable amount of our time focused on educating the press about the
pitfalls of the NC in order to generate âthe NC is Deadâ press articles. This
will cumulate in a press and analyst tour in March, coinciding with Interact
World in LA. Prior to the tour, we will be delivering monthly Windows TCO wins
to the press, as well as NC trial/rejecter case studies. Weâll leverage our
Net.PC and WBT OEM and Partner successes, and utilize the web, onLine news
banners, and other online delivery channels to get this information to our
  - Arm our field and customers with tools and competitive information: In
order to keep the worldwide field sales force up to speed, weâll continue to
utilize the NCSQUAD alias as our core information mechanism, and our NC Champs
program in the US will be expanded internationally. Starting in February,
weâll provide NC competitive reports on IBM NetStation & Sun JavaStation
including Technical Reviews, Market Bulletins, Competitive Updates, and
Presentations all on our http://winmarketing/nc web site.
  - Continue to monitor and track threatened accounts and NC standards
groups: We have done a good job to date on tracking and responding to any NC
threatened account worldwide, and weâll keep this up over the next six months.
Weâll maintain a direct focus on tier 1 & ECU Strategic customer threats. To
help facilitate this worldwide, we are panning a couple of tours to South East
Asia and Europe in the March and April to visit threatened accounts, educate
subs & generate PR. Weâll also implement a monthly conference call series with
NC Champs for intelligence gathering & updates. Weâll also continue to track
and attend meetings of NC related standards groups such as The Open Groupâs


MS-PCA 1359586


[See chart in original PDF]

Product Manager
Org Mldg/NTW5 Launch

Nouryb LSmilh Kimberd Bernard Wong
Product Manager
NC Attad~, Eval/Deploy
- -Product Manager
Corporate Mldg
Product Manager
Product Manager
Demos and Lab

Clarkh OUmino Katie Nabaie
Product Manager Product Manager Contractor

B & 8tDeployTools/Analy sis Events/EBC
Packaged Demo~

AMcGehee Greg Sugivan Clint Gordon-Carroll
Produ~ Manager P nxluct Manager Âontrâ=ctor
Rapid Deptoy/Res K~t SMORG~or~shops Event Support

Product Manager

NC Atlac~


Keith White: Org Mktg., NC Attack, & NTW 5 Launch
- - Overall Windows corporate marketing plan for both NTW and Win9x
- - Overall TCO and NC Attack plans and strategy
- - Overall NTW5 launch plan and efforts
- - Overall Platform 99 plans and strategy

Noury Bernard-Hasan: NC Attack Lead & Evaluation and Deployment efforts
- - Define and execute our NC Attack Strategy
- - Track and participate in competitive standards councils and drive strategic
- - Define and create the Evaluation and Deployment Guides

Leighton Smith: Corporate Marketing and NT5 Corporate Preview Program
- - Define and execute the NT5 Corporate Preview Program
- - Define and execute the Windows 98 corporate launch

Kimber Dodge: Channel and Partners, CFO
- - Define and execute our plans to prepare the channel for Windows 98 and NTW5
- - Manage the Windows and Customer Unit relationship
- - Drive all Licensing issues with ECU
- - Chief Financial Officer for Windows Marketing

Bernard Wong: Demos and Demo Lab
- - Define and create our Windows 98, NTW5 and TCO demonstrations
- - Manage the demo lab and inventory

Clark Heindl: Technical Tools and Migration, Analyst Relations, Corporate
Migration Issues
- - Define and develop our technical migration tools for Windows 98 and NTW4 and
- - Drive our analyst relationship and define and develop studies associated with
Windows and TCO
- - Manage our Year 2000 compliance


MS-PCA 1359587

Andrew McGehee: Rapid Deployment Programs and Resource Kits
- - Plan and execute the Windows 98 and NTW5 Rapid Deployment Programs
- - Manage and write the Windows 98 Resource Kit

Brain BJ Riseland: NC Attack, Technical Presentations, SE/MCS Swap
- - Track and respond to all NC threatened accounts worldwide
- - Create and deliver tools (competitive, proactive) to fight the NC
- - Develop and deliver Windows technical presentations

David Ursino: Events and Tradeshows, EBCs, Migration Team
- - Define and execute on Windows tradeshow and event presence
- - Create a new process and strategy for effective Windows presence at the EBC
- - Prepare and drive the ECU telesales corporate migration team to assist in
NTW5 migrations

Greg Sullivan: SMORG Marketing, Workshops, and Conferences, Field Training
- - Plan and execute the Windows Technical Workshop series
- - Plan and execute the Windows NTW5 Deployment Conferences
- - Plan and execute all field and customer focused events such as the MTB, MGS,
and Tech-Ed

Katie Nabaie: Demo Packaging
- - Responsible for overall demo packaging for the field and partners

Clint Gordon-Carroll: Event Support
- - Responsible to support Windows Marketing at all tmdÂshows and events

NTW4 Sustain  ÂIdentify NTW4 PR references
Announce PSS support expanded to 90-days
Win98 Launch  ÂWin98 Preview Program
Windows 98 Beta Resource Kit
NTW5 Prep    Finalize NTW5 pricing waterfall
Begin Platform 99 integration
NC Attack    ZAW SWategy Video and CD
Gartner Group TCO Market Bulletin
IBM NetStation Competitive Response
MBNA ZAK Case Study
Events Ânone

NTW4 Sustain  ÂMS/Intel Workstation Leadership Forum
NTW4 Momentum Press release
Support and Cloning Tool announce
Kingston Customer Reference Ads
Win98 Launch  ÂWindows 98 Marketing Day
NTW5 Prep    Messaging Focus Groups
NT5 Deployment Conference
Skip updated NTW5 demos and PPT to field
NT5 Migration Team on-line


MS-PCA 1359588

NC Attack    The NC is Dead Press/Analyst Tour
NTW ZAK TCO ad drops
European NC Tour
Events ÂInternet World

NTW4 Sustain  ÂLaunch NTW4 Cloning Tools
Win98 Launch  ÂWin98 RTM
RDP Case Studies
NTW5 Prep    NT5 Reviewers Workshop
NTW5 Beta 2 RTM
NC Attack    SE Asia NC Press Tour
Windows World PC vs. NC panel
Windows Strategy Roadahow
Windows World/Comdex
IT Forum

MAY 98
NTW4 Sustain  ÂNTW Means Business N+I promotion
Windows Strategy Roadshow
Win98 Launch  ÂAnnounce Analyst Studies
Ship Win98 Deployment Guide
NTW5 Prep    Launch the Corporate Preview Program
Ship NT5 Evaluation and Deployment Guide Beta
NC Attack    ZAK for Win98
Events ÂNetworld+Interop
Tech Fusion

NTW4 Sustain  ÂPC Futures 98 Event
Win98 Launch  ÂRollout RDP Accounts
Distribute the Eval and DepIoyment Guide
NTW5 Prep    NT5 Deployment Conferences
Windows Technical Workshops
ATEC Train the Trainer 2-day NTW5 class
NC Attack    NC Working Group Conference
Events ÂTech-Ed
PC Expo


MS-PCA 1359589


[See chart in original PDF]
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