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Re: [News] Business of Free Software Explained by 'Sellout'?

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____/ Anonymous Remailer (austria) on Friday 14 August 2009 13:10 : \____

> "Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:6659467.YQIkZnvQn7@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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>> The right and best way to make money from open source
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>> | Fenton tells the WSJ that the real advantage of open source is the
>> | distribution model. “Rather than ‘expensive sales efforts and
>> | negotiations with the upper management to get the most money possible,’
>> | the people that will be using the software can easily download and try the
>> | product,” notes the WSJ.
>> `----
> Americans and open-source? Don't make me LAUGH. For Americans open-
> source is just a BUSINESS MODEL. I don't trust things like Mint Linux
> which have a .com website. In the end it's only about money, money,
> money for them. In the U.S. of A EVERTHING revolves around money.
> EVERYTHING. There's almost no one involved with open-source there out
> of convinction, they're all hoping to strike it rich. I don't like
> companies like Red Hat which, just like Microsoft, start changing Linux
> things (file system orgainization, startup scripts etc.) around because
> they have a dominant market share. and saying: 'We are going to do it
> OUR way because we are the dominant market leader and you have to
> FOLLOW us. And when you do we make another move and you have to FOLLOW
> US again, because we are the market leader.' Fuck that crap and FUCK
> THEM! I only trust non-profit foundations such as Apache and companies
> founded by billionaires such as Mark Shuttleworth who aren't in it for
> the money. If you read U.S. webzines  articles on Linux they're always
> about revenue, profits, marketshare and LEVERAGE.

Not with Debian. :-)

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