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Re: [News] [Rival] Poverty Strikes Microsoft Neighbourhood

Ezekiel wrote:

> "Nigel Feltham" <nigel.feltham@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:NfCdnd_2UYpenhXXnZ2dnUVZ8mti4p2d@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> Hadron wrote:
>>> Nigel Feltham <nigel.feltham@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>>>> Tim Smith wrote:
>>>>> In article <4a877b0d$0$4426$6e1ede2f@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
>>>>>  High Plains Thumper <highplainsthumper@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>>>> > Besides which, Microsoft has done more for charities and the
>>>>>> > homeless and the 3rd world than the silly open source
>>>>>> > "community" ever will.
>>>>>> Like?
>>>>> I'm pretty sure he meant the Gates Foundation, not Microsoft, of
>>>>> course.
>>>>> Examples of what the Gates Foundation has done:
>>>>>    March 2009, $350k to The Greater New Orleans Foundation, to support
>>>>> and build a coordinated network of Housing Resource Centers to serve
>>>>> property owners who have not yet recovered from Katrina.
>>>>>    February 2009 $375k to The National Alliance to End Homelessness,
>>>>>    Inc.
>>>>>    December 2008 $200k to King County, Washington to support
>>>>> development
>>>>> of a family homelessness business plan.
>>>>>    July 2008 $336k to Washington Low Income Housing Alliance to
>>>>> support
>>>>> advocacy efforts to increase affordable housing and end homelessness
>>>>> in
>>>>> Washington state.
>>>>>    July 2008 $5.4 million to Building Changes to support their efforts
>>>>> aimed at reducing family homelessness.
>>>>>    July 2008 $750k to Building Change to support capacity building
>>>>> efforts.
>>>>>    May 2008 $25k to Community Shelter Board of Ohio for general
>>>>> operating support.
>>>>>    April 2008 $10k to Housing Consortium of Everett and Snohomish
>>>>> County
>>>>> to support production of an Affordable Housing Action Plan for
>>>>> Snohomish
>>>>> County.
>>>>>    March 2008 $1.3 million to Building Changes to support housing
>>>>> programs in the Puget Sound area.
>>>>> That's just the grants in the Housing and Homelessness category for
>>>>> 2008
>>>>> and 2009 so far. Many of the grants in the Community Grants category
>>>>> are
>>>>> also relevant for homelessness.
>>>>> As for 3rd world, here are a few, just from the category of emergency
>>>>> relief.
>>>>>    Dec 2008 $1 million to Oxfam America for emergency assistance in
>>>>> response to a cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe.
>>>>>    Nov 2008 $1.3 million to Lutheran World Relief to mitigate the
>>>>> impact
>>>>> of rising food prices on rural communities through optimum rice and
>>>>> wheat production in Mali and Niger.
>>>>>    Sept 2008 $700k to Catholic Relief Services to provide emergency
>>>>> relief for those affected by hurricanes Gustav, Hanna, and Ike in the
>>>>> worst-affected areas of Haiti.
>>>>>    Sept 2008 $2.9 million to Catholic Relief Services to provide
>>>>> assistance to vulnerable households in Afghanistan, Burkina Faso and
>>>>> Haiti in response to the global food crisis
>>>>>    Aug 2008 $2 million to Oxfam America to assist in alleviating
>>>>> hunger,
>>>>> malnutrition, and the deterioration of health of vulnerable families
>>>>> caused by the food crisis and drought in the Oromia and Tigray regions
>>>>> of Ethiopia.
>>>>>    July 2008 $10 million to United Nations World Food Programme to
>>>>> assist young children, pregnant and lactating women in Niger, Cote
>>>>> d'Ivoire and Burkina Faso affected by the high food prices emergency.
>>>>>    May 2008 $1.3 million to Chinese Ministry of Health to support
>>>>> emergency relief activities for the Sichuan earthquake.
>>>>> Here's a good one from the neglected disease category:
>>>>>    Nov 2008 $40 million to The Carter Center for Global Campaign to
>>>>> Eradicate Guinea Worm Disease.
>>>>> Complete list here:
>>>>> <http://www.gatesfoundation.org/grants/Pages/search.aspx>
>>>> So what - running a criminal organisation is now OK if you donate some
>>>> of
>>>> the proceeds to charity?
>>>> I'm sure Al Capone donated to charity as well, does that now make him
>>>> one
>>>> of the Good Guys?
>>> You really are a grade A idiot.
>>> Criminal organisation!?!? Take your meds and go back to bed you
>>> loonytunes you.
>> So they haven't been prosecuted in the USA and Europe for their criminal
>> activities then and I've just imagined all the fines they've had to pay
>> for
>> it in Europe?
> Obviously you're not bright enough to understand even the basics of law.
> Here's a free hint for you... if someone has to pay something like a
> "parking ticket" it doesn't make then a "criminal."

But the Courts don't normally order your company to be broken up unless
you've committed a criminal act - and that order was only reversed after MS
helped with political funding, another illegal act they seem to have gotten
away with.

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