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[News] Potentially Millions More Distributions Released

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Review: SUSE Studio 

,----[ Quote ]
| The studio works on a system of templates. You choose a product on which to 
| base your distro from openSUSE 11.1, SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 and SUSE Linux 
| Enterprise 11.  
| Then you must decide which desktop environment you're going to have. The 
| options include: 
| Just Enough OS
| GNOME desktop
| KDE desktop (versions 3 and 4)
| Minimal X with IceWM
| [...]
| SUSE are to be applauded for providing the Linux community with such a 
| service, though I do wonder how they will handle the inevitable flood of 
| interest and subsequent network strain once the product comes out of its beta 
| stage and becomes available to the general computer-using public - assuming 
| that is the intention, of course.    
| Further, wouldn't it be great SUSE Studio's success - and it deserves to 
| succeed - prompted similar efforts from the likes of Ubuntu, Fedora and 
| Debian?  


Microsoft and Apple will try to sell the impression that choice and
customisation are bad.


SUSE Studio: Too Good To Be True?

,----[ Quote ]
| I just built my own Linux distribution through my browser. It can be ran as a
| Live CD or installed on your system. No, you did read that correctly. I
| actually used Firefox to build my own SUSE-based distro. Sometimes technology
| throws curveballs at us that are so unbelievable youâd have to read the
| statement several times to realize that you arenât hallucinating. Do you
| think Iâm writing a piece of science fiction? Enter SUSE Studio.


Hands on with SUSE Studio

,----[ Quote ]
| A Novell employee once told us that, in yesteryear when Novell's marketing
| team were pushing brands faster than their coders were pushing software,
| Novell could easily have switched over to being a T-shirt manufacturing
| company. It seems their love of marketing hasn't died out, because TuxRadar
| HQ recently accepted delivery of a suspicious box. Upon opening it, we found
| this:
| Inside was a bag containing dozens of different parts, some plastic, others
| carefully cut foam. Next to that was a card pointing us towards the assembly
| instructions and, 10 minutes or so later, we were the, er, proud owners of
| one of these:
| Great success! And even more fun than building a distro with SUSE Studio...


REVIEW: SUSE Studio Is a Boon for Organizations Using Novell's Linux Distros

,----[ Quote ]
| SUSE Studio is a Web-based service for creating software appliances on
| Novell's family of SUSE Linux-based operating systems. SUSE Studio could
| prove very useful for any individual or organization that uses Novell's Linux
| distributions by easing complex customization tasks.


SUSE Studio: The Do-it-Yourself Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux is well known for being very customizable, but with SUSE Studio, things
| are taken to an entirely new level. Imagine taking a base template, building
| on top of it with your personal software choices, then configuring countless
| other aspects (even a SQL database), and then building it as a bootable ISO
| or VM. That's exactly what makes SUSE Studio so great.

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