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[News] C# Fails Very Badly at Popularity in the Free Software World

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C# is Number 1(0)!

,----[ Quote ]
| C# Open Source popularity not what one might think.
| How does one measure success?
| The success â roughly defined as âpopularityâ â of C#/Mono/.NET is something 
| weâve kicked around in comments here. Now, there are numbers from Black Duck 
| that have got some blogs picking up on some âharderâ numbers.  
| C# squeaks into 10th place, with a 1.24% share â virtually equal to assembly 
| language (1.23%)! 



Study: Java still top programming language

,----[ Quote ]
| Java has its detractors, but according to a recent reading of the Tiobe
| Programming Community Index, it's still the dominant programming language,
| with little change in its overall popularity since August 2007. Runners up?
| C, (Visual) Basic, C++, and PHP.


Video: Stallman on DRM, Patents and C #

,----[ Quote ]
| Stallman also explains comments he made in his keynote speech regarding the
| use of Microsoft's C # and why the GNU project incorporate their own version
| of C # in the portable dotnet technology.
| In another of our videos of the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit, Richard Stallman
| declares his position on DRM, patents and C #.



C#: Is the Party Over?

,----[ Quote ]
| Conclusion
| Is the C# party over? If the plan of C# was to slow the defection of
| Visual C++ developers to Java, then it was certainly better than
| nothing. The long-term savings for Microsoft in sharing a CLR
| between projects was more than worth the initial effort. However,
| C# is still not the de facto choice for Web site or enterprise
| development and other languages such as Python and PHP, which are
| bringing in a new generation of developers who don't have a need to
| migrate Visual C++ applications. C# isn't going anywhere soon but
| its best days may be behind it.

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