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[News] Vista 7 Crippled Edition Runs Only on Overly Crippled Computer

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Is your netbook small enough for Windows 7?

,----[ Quote ]
| We've known for some time that Windows 7 Starter Edition will only be made 
| available to original equipment manufacturers, but the licensing detail 
| covering what machines Microsoft will allow those OEMs to install the OS onto 
| has been pretty scarce.   
| At a recent Wall Street analyst meeting, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer would 
| appear to have spilled the beans regarding Windows 7 Starter Edition 
| licensing. Ballmer insisted that the license will determine exactly what is 
| and is not a netbook: "it's got to have a super-small screen" he said, 
| adding "it has to have a certain processor..."    


Recipe for disaster. Vista shattered Microsoft, Vista 7 may knock it into a


Seven things Windows 7 can learn from Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| 1. More frequent release cycles. As Iâve already explained, Microsoftâs worst
| enemy has been its very long release cycles. Linux distributors, on the other
| hand, have the opposite problem â too frequent release cycles. But what would
| a consumer be more interested in, an operating system thatâs eight years old
| (Windows XP) or one thatâs updated every year or even six months? Fresh
| product releases means fresh marketing and Microsoft knows this. From Windows
| 7 on itâs bye, bye many-year release cycles and hello two year cycles at the
| most.

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