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[News] Firefox Plugin Exposes Legal Injustices

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RECAP Used To Show Vacated Rulings That A Judge Wanted Gone

,----[ Quote ] 
| Last week, we wrote about the launch of RECAP, a neat little tool for making 
| sure that more public domain court rulings are actually accessible to the 
| public (what a concept). Apparently, the tool is already useful. Thomas 
| O'Toole points us to the news of someone who used RECAP to point to rulings 
| that were vacated and then (oddly) ordered to be removed from various 
| databases.      



Finnish CSS case application lodged in the European Court of Human Rights

,----[ Quote ]
| Finnish Activist Mikko Rauhala has lodged an application to the European
| Court of Human Rights versus the Finnish state, regarding his right to
| freedom of expression.


Swedish Appeals Court Denies Pirate Bay Retrial -- Says No Bias By Judge

,----[ Quote ]
| The Swedish appeals court charged with looking into whether or not the judge
| in the original trial against The Pirate Bay was biased, has said they found
| no bias (for real, this time) with the judge, despite his belonging to two
| groups that have pushed for stronger copyright laws -- and the fact that the
| prosecutors' lawyers were involved in that organization as well. Apparently,
| the court says the judge should have brought this information to light
| sooner, but otherwise said it was no big deal.


Another Scandal Surrounds Pirate Bay Judge

,----[ Quote ]
| Pirate Bay judge Tomas NorstrÃmâs objectivity has already been called into
| doubt because of his ties to national and international pro-copyright lobby
| groups. Now, one of the defense lawyers says he has uncovered another scandal
| and claims to have evidence that NorstrÃm wasnât assigned to the case
| randomly, as should be the case according to court procedure.


Pirate Party 3rd Largest Political Party in Sweden

,----[ Quote ]
| Support for the Swedish Pirate Party surged following the Pirate Bay verdict
| and today it became the third largest political party in the country. When
| they are elected for the European Parliament next month, the party hopes to
| end the abuse of copyright by multi-billion dollar corporations.

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