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Re: [News] MacBook Pro is Feeling Deprived and Slighted After GNU/Linux Experience

On 2009-08-22, Megabyte <Megabyte.NoSPAM@xxxxxxxx> claimed:

> Having switched to a MacBook Pro about a month ago I must admit that 
> I'm asking myself why I didn't make the move to a Mac sooner.  I'm 
> running OS X the majority of the time but have VM's of Windows 7 and 
> Ubuntu running on it as well.  It is kind of bizarre having OS X, 
> Windows and Linux all running on the same machine at the same time.  
> Choice is good!   

I've used a Mac (there are 3 in the house) and I can't say I'm
impressed with OS X. I will say it's lightyears better than that quaint
little alternative OS from Redmond, though.

All 3 of the ones here are PPC models. But OS X is still OS X, though
they've surely changed, added and subtracted some things since they
moved to the new hardware and put out another version or two. Of the
three, one is actually mine. It has Debian on it. It's providing
content filtering for another Mac and an X86 machine, both of which the
son has. I'll expand it eventually to handle usenet and mail for me.

Two of the models are too underpowered to do any VMs in. The third one
is the wife's. She has no interest in running anything else, especially

Why are there interstate highways in Hawaii?
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