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[News] SD Card Association Poisoned by Abusive Monopoly, Microsoft

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Microsoft's New Tollgate: exFAT on Flash Media

,----[ Quote ]
| What is exFAT and why should you care? Because the SD Card Association made 
| exFAT the standard file system for the new SDXC cards, and because exFAT is a 
| Microsoft filesystem that claims to be like so totally interoperable, but it 
| isn't.   
| [...]
| So it's business as usual in Redmond. Never mind all the fine talk about 
| interoperability, Job One is still controlling the entire tech industry and 
| erecting as many toll gates as posssible. Why not use something like ext2, 
| which it seems to me is a good candidate for a low-overhead fast embedded 
| filesystem? It minimizes writes, supports file sizes up to 64 TiB, and 
| supports different block sizes so you tweak it for your particular 
| application. But good heavens no, because that would require adding a driver 
| to Windows, and even worse would not gouge money out of everyone. No, the MS 
| way is to force a new closed proprietary standard and make everyone else 
| dance to their tune. Ah well, it's economic stimulus in a way, by mandating 
| makework industry-wide. Very innovative.          



Installing Mandriva 2008.1 on the ASUS Eee PC

,----[ Quote ]
| Out of the many distributions that work on the Eee PC, Mandriva Linux 2008
| Spring (or 2008.1) is one that works exceptionally well. It can be installed
| to the built-in SSD or onto an external SD card.


Ubuntu SD Cards With The Eee PC

,----[ Quote ]
| The Ubuntu Eee project has just announced they will be selling SD cards
| pre-loaded with the latest version of Eee Ubuntu. This SD card can then be
| inserted into the Eee PC and you can run Eee Ubuntu right off of it. This is
| a great idea, but it would be even better if the cards were sold in stores
| along with the Eee PC.

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