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Re: [News] SD Card Association Poisoned by Abusive Monopoly, Microsoft

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

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> Microsoft's New Tollgate: exFAT on Flash Media
> ,----[ Quote ]
> | What is exFAT and why should you care? Because the SD Card Association
> | made exFAT the standard file system for the new SDXC cards, and because
> | exFAT is a Microsoft filesystem that claims to be like so totally
> | interoperable, but it isn't.
> | 
> | [...]
> | 
> | So it's business as usual in Redmond. Never mind all the fine talk about
> | interoperability, Job One is still controlling the entire tech industry
> | and erecting as many toll gates as posssible. Why not use something like
> | ext2, which it seems to me is a good candidate for a low-overhead fast
> | embedded filesystem? It minimizes writes, supports file sizes up to 64
> | TiB, and supports different block sizes so you tweak it for your
> | particular application. But good heavens no, because that would require
> | adding a driver to Windows, and even worse would not gouge money out of
> | everyone. No, the MS way is to force a new closed proprietary standard
> | and make everyone else dance to their tune. Ah well, it's economic
> | stimulus in a way, by mandating makework industry-wide. Very innovative.
> `----
> http://blog.linuxtoday.com/blog/2009/08/some-answers-fr.html

Google average share trading bigger than Micoshaft Corporation.
Average $1.6 billion worth of shares trade in Google every day.
Micoshaft just around $1.5 billion.

There is no need to follow or adopt micoshaft crap products.

Manufacturers should follow Google (a Linux company), Android
and Chrome because micoshaft is not big in comparison.

Everything micoshaft has against you is smoke, mirrors and vapor.
There are bigger things happening now in IT than micoshaft.

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