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Re: Time for Microsoft Windows PC's to be blocked from Internet Access

Above the shrieking & FUDding of the trolls,John Slade was heard to

> bbgruff wrote:
>> John Slade wrote:
>>> Wintrolls Lie wrote:
>>>> Following the recent DDOS attacks against twitter, facebook and google
>>>> from Microsoft Windows botnets isn't it time for Windows to be blocked
>>>> from any Internet access? Microsoft Windows botnets also spew billions
>>>> of SPAM email every day.  Why should everyone suffer because Microsoft
>>>> are unable to produce a secure operating system?
>>>        OS X has a Botnet it's called iBotnet. How do you know
>>> that none of the attacks came from OS X boxes? How does an OS X
>>> user know if they have iBotnet or not? If they did ban all
>>> Windows PCs from the internet, they would be putting botnets on
>>> UNIX(OS X) and Linux systems. You guys just DON'T get it.
>> Certainly iBotnet exists.
>> The *only* way that is can spread is by downloading pirated copies of
>> software - currently pirated copies of iWork ʼ09 or Adobe Photoshop CS4 by
>> P2P.
>       And those programs were downloaded millions of times on 
> computers where the people have not scanned for iBotnet. So how 
> can it be said that iBotnet isn't attacking anything. In fact I 
> think an average OS X user is in worse shape when it comes to 
> malware because they don't think they need to protect themselves 
> from it. Thanks to Apple's campaign of lies that OS X doesn't 
> get malware, so many OS X users are attacking other computers or 
> spewing spam.
>   >It can *not* replicate itself, and the only way that it 
> spreads is
>> via such a pirated copy.
>         Yea that's they way it works on Windows too. So much 
> malware is downloaded via pirated software . It's pretty silly 
> to think self-replication really matters in this case.
>> This is a long way removed from the way that Windows malware spreads!
>      Very little malware on Windows systems these days spread 
> from a lot of self replication. The malware comse from pirate 
> software and web sites and hacking. But since you brought it up, 
> please tell us how malware is spread on Windows systems as 
> opposed to OS X. Pleas show the difference. (I'm of course 
> laughing right now.) I can't wait to hear this answer.
>> Could it apply to Linux?
>> Presumably so.  All that is needed is to download and run such code.
>> Odds are even more reduced though - how many Linux users do you suppose
>> pirate Linux software?
>      There are actual botnets for linux systems that hackers run 
> to attack other systems. so it surely exists. I guess you just 
> don't know the culture like I do. Many hackers are Linux 
> advocates and use it to attack systems.

You may care to back this up with proof.


If Windows is User-Friendly, why do you need to read a 672 pages

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