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Re: The easiest operating system to update is...

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____/ nessuno on Monday 31 August 2009 15:34 : \____

> <Quote>
> Over the weekend, I decided to see which of the major operating
> systems would be the easiest to update....
> With Windows XP, I found, as I expected, that there is no easy way to
> upgrade. The only way to do is what Microsoft calls a "custom
> install." I, though, call it a cut and burn install. The be-all and
> end-all is that you have to let the Windows 7 installation DVD delete
> everything on your hard drive.
> Microsoft provides a tool, Windows Easy Transfer, aka migsetup, on the
> DVD that will let you transfer files and settings to an external
> drive. This is a pain in the neck, but it does work. What it doesn't
> do, however, is transfer programs, fonts, or drivers. So, once Windows
> 7 was setup, I had to reinstall every, last application, fonts and
> drivers. I found it hard to believe that a modern operating system
> actually made it so hard to upgrade it...
> For Linux, I upgraded from Ubuntu 8.10 to 9.04. In stark contrast,
> Ubuntu was easy to upgrade. There's simply no comparison.
> Linux has the undeserved reputation of being hard to use. What a joke!
> Upgrading Windows for most users is far more difficult. Windows, not
> Linux, is the difficult to use operating system.
> ...Mac OS X Snow Leopard is also an easy upgrade. Just like Ubuntu
> Linux, all you really need to do is put in the DVD, make a few mouse
> clicks, and go have lunch while it runs. Snow Leopard, on my Mac mini,
> took just over an hour to install and about 45-minutes on my MacBook
> Pro.
> Once installed, both Snow Leopard and Ubuntu ran perfectly. That's
> more than I can say about Windows 7. After installing it, I found that
> an old Vista networking problem with working with NAS (networked
> attached storage) was still present and required me to manually adjust
> an obscure local security setting. Sure Windows is easy! What
> nonsense!
> ...So, when it comes to being easy to install, I see it a dead-tie
> between Mac OS X and Linux. Windows? It's far, far in the back.
> </Quote>

Installation is well GNU/Linux is /well/ ahead of the competition, even
on 'unpredictable' hardware.

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