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[News] GNU/Linux Outperforms Mac OS X 10.6 (Leopard Snort)

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Can Ubuntu 9.10 Outperform Mac OS X 10.6?

,----[ Quote ]
| Of the 26 tests shown in this article, Ubuntu 9.10 "Karmic Koala" was the 
| clear winner in 12 of the 26 tests while Snow Leopard had won a handful and 
| the rest of the tests had results that were too close to call or unchanged 
| between the Apple and Canonical operating systems. Ubuntu 9.10 can certainly 
| compete with Mac OS X 10.6 when it comes to the performance, but of course a 
| few of these tests do show performance regressions compared to the earlier 
| Ubuntu 9.04 release, an area where Ubuntu developers could improve. 
| Additionally, not all areas of the system or hardware combinations were 
| tested, such as with the Intel Linux graphics performance struggling compared 
| to Mac OS X. On top of that, the Ubuntu Linux installations had NVIDIA's 
| proprietary driver manually installed, where as the "out of the box" 
| experience on Ubuntu does not provide any 3D acceleration for NVIDIA 
| hardware.            
| Stay tuned for our large Mac OS X, Linux, OpenSolaris, and BSD operating 
| system comparison in the next month. 



Ubuntu 9.10 Alpha 4 Benchmarks

,----[ Quote ]
| Besides some of the synthetic graphics test results being lower in Ubuntu
| 9.10 Alpha 4, the rest of the Linux desktop benchmarking spectrum experienced
| the same or better results. With the switch to EXT4 and some other
| improvements, in a few tests it shows Ubuntu 9.10 really shining.


Windows 7 RTM Gets Benchmarked, Results Are Mixed

,----[ Quote ]
| Interestingly, the results were mixed. ÂBoot times, despite dedicated
| tweaking from Microsoft were slightly worse than in Vista SP2 or XP SP3 (by
| over a second). ÂShutdown times, though, showed much improvement over the
| slow XP, and even some improvement over Vista.

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