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Re: Instant return on Linux deployment

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

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> ____/ 7 on Saturday 05 September 2009 22:19 : \____
>> Not.
>> Not enough said about Micoshaft Corporation
>> and its marketing plops by journalists yet
>> and whether they plan suing Micoshaft Corporation for
>> dragging their names all over court rooms:
>> http://www.iowagotthefacts.org
> Glad you find the transcripts handy! 4 of us deciphered the names in those
> lists.

Very grateful!

The claims micoshaft operate the marketing department like the
Gestapo and the Stazi targeting anything that stands
it its way are true.

The list goes into great detail of each individual and
micoshaft spies and snoopers producing reports on private
individuals, other companies and their staff.
Who gave Micoshaft powers to keep records on private
individuals and keep notes on their personalities?
As far as I know, all Micoshaft executives now face
immediate arrest warrants being issued on them for illegal
and subversive activities right across the globe and there
is nothing they can do to stop it because they are engaged
in violations of privacy. Do these lists they keep include
spouses and children? Where is all the documentation
authorizing micoshaft spies to gather information?
What are the names of the Micoshaft spies that did all the work
and what approved methods do they use to get this information?

I used to work in a company which had a PR services department
and at no time is a person's personal characteristics mentioned, sold or 
otherwise gone into because that would be violation of privacy.

You have to be a control freak to try to control other people's
minds and perceptions.

Making this kind of list immediately leads to abuse and
discrimination. If micoshaft has such lists in the UK, they MUST
register with the database protection registrar and inform
them what personal details are being held against which person,
and if any opportunity is available to the individuals to see it and rectify 
any false allegations; and also describe to the database registrar in DETAIL 
what the database is used for against UK citizens and where
exactly those database and copies of its information are being kept.
If the databases are illegal, then those databases must be destroyed.

Ultimately snooping on public will fail and back fire when the people whose
records are being kept and being targeted and that information

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