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Re: Microsoft CTO on Competing with GNU/Linux (Comes vs. Microsoft - exhibit PX06482)

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____/ Rex Ballard on Thursday 17 Sep 2009 23:02 : \____

> On Sep 17, 9:48 am, "Ezekiel" <not-th...@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> "Roy Schestowitz" <newsgro...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
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>> > From: Jim Fredricksen
>> > Sent: Friday, October 09, 1998 3:11 PM
>> > To: Pascal Martin
>> > Subject: FW: Much ado about Linux
>> So what??? It's an 11 year old email that has absolutely nothing relevant or
>> particularly interesting in it.
>> Another slow day at Spam Central Spamowitz?
> I think the point is that very little has changed.  In spite of court
> orders and settlements, thousands of complains raised during the Bush
> Administration years were simply dismissed as "without merit", even
> when HP cried foul because Microsoft was threatening vile retaliation
> and demanding control over all advertising to keep OEMs from being
> able to advertise and market Linux, third party software, and other
> pre-installed software.
> Even today, 99% (actually more than 1998) of all PCs made by the
> top-10 non-apple manufacturers are shipped with Windows, and Microsoft
> software.  Microsoft even tried to get Symantic and McAffee off the
> OEM machine configurations with their Vista antivirus.  It didn't work
> out very well.
> Even worse, Microsoft has tried to make it harder and harder to run
> 3rd party software that hasn't been blessed by Microsoft (under some
> pretty draconian and anti-competitive terms), even refusing to allow
> you to install it.  Eventually, Microsoft had to back off that
> original stand, because many popular 3rd party applications refused to
> stop using java for development, refused to accept non-compete terms
> (making software versions for Mac and Linux), and other anti-
> competitive terms.
> Even today, 99% of all Linux users install Linux into a machine that
> was originally purchased with Windows pre-installed, and with a
> Windows OEM License.  It's ironic that Microsoft has tried
> (unsuccessfully) to tell Vista users that they couldn't use Vista with
> Linux.  Eventually, to appease corporate customers and stir up some
> retail volume, Microsoft softened it's licenses, permitting users to
> use Vista Home Premium and Vista Business edition as well as Vista
> Premium as VM clients on systems which ran Linux as the "host" OS.
> This is commonly termed "Desktop Virtualization".  Businesses put
> Linux on the desktop or laptop machines, and then a virtualized
> version of the system is downloaded by the user shortly after Linux is
> booted, making it LOOK like Windows XP or Vista is the operating
> system running on the desktop machine.   Often, the image combines a
> "shared" component with a "personal" component, allowing the user to
> get the same environment regardless of which machine he is using.

But the point of this post (other than transcribing) is that
Microsoft resorted to racketeering. It is now passing patents for
trolls to attack Linux and Nathan Myhvold (from the E-mail
is the biggest such patent troll.

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