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[News] New Portables Run OpenSUSE GNU/Linux

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Atom-based portables run OpenSUSE Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| TabletKiosk announced three portable computers running 
| OpenSUSE Linux 11 on Intel Atom processors, two of them 
| seven-inch UMPCs (ultra mobile PCs) with built-in Wacom 
| digitizers. The UMPCs are the Eo a7330D and the 
| ruggedized TufTab a7230XD, joined by the 12.1-inch 
| Sahara NetSlate a230T tablet, according to the company.


Novell wants Linux to be a mainstream O-S

,----[ Quote ]
| As that doughty publication The Register reports, 
| Brockmeier is one person who wants the Linux desktop to 
| grow; others like IBM and the Foundation itself appear 
| to be more or less content with the current state of 
| affairs.
| Brockmeier sees mainstream success on the desktop as 
| crucial, wants PC vendors to promote Linux "beyond 
| offering it as a check-box in an order form" (El Reg's 
| words) and exhorts Linux backers to work more closely 
| to promote the operating system in toto.
| This, coming from the representative of a company which 
| signed a patent licensing deal with Microsoft, seems a 
| bit rich. One of the better known free software 
| hackers, Jeremy Allison, even quit the company in 
| protest at this act which was widely seen as a sellout.


osc09: Lightning Talks

,----[ Quote ]
| Sunday morning of the openSUSE conference I took part 
| in the Lightning Talks which were short talks on a 
| variety of topics. 



Clarion shows off what an Atom MID should be

,----[ Quote ]
| The UI is where the magic happens, and the Mind has an interface literally
| designed for it, with a lot of emphasis on ease-of-use and linking things
| together sanely. It starts out with Red Flag Linux, and builds on top of
| that. Clarion put Firefox in it for a browser, but most functions just work
| on their own, not in a browser window.

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