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[News] New Interview with Linus Torvalds at LinuxCon (and a Roundup)

  • Subject: [News] New Interview with Linus Torvalds at LinuxCon (and a Roundup)
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 26 Sep 2009 23:07:08 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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FLOSS Weekly 88: Linus Torvalds

,----[ Quote ]
| A chat at LinuxCon with Linus Torvalds, who initiated 
| development of the Linux kernel.
| Guest: Linus Torvalds, initial creator of the Linux kernel


LinuxCon 2009 Wrap-Up: The Continuing Benefits

,----[ Quote ]
| Expert sessions, informative keynotes, and multiple 
| opportunities to kick back and socialize with Linux 
| consumers of all stripes--these marked the flavor for 
| LinuxCon. Attendees appreciated the balance of learning 
| and information they got from the sessions--feedback from 
| those I (unscientifically) surveyed was overwhelmingly 
| positive, and I was asking for all comments, not just the 
| good.



Linus on Linux: The Linus Torvalds Interview Part 1

,----[ Quote ]
| And by the way, I would like to point out that we do try to do better on âour
| sideâ of the equation too. The whole âstableâ vs âdevelopmentâ kernels (2.4.x
| vs 2.5.x) was our fault, and Iâll happily admit that we really made it much
| harder than it should be for people who werenât core kernel developers to get
| stuck on an irrelevant development branch.


Linus Torvalds â Interview at linux.conf.au 2009

,----[ Quote ]
| 1) Have you given any more thought to changing the version numbering model of
| the kernel?
| I'd actually like to change the version numbering because right now the 2.6
| doesn't mean anything at all. Maybe you read the discussion, we had some
| discussion on the kernel mailing list. Just from the discussion my takeaway
| was that right now it's just not worth the pain. So, I think we'll revisit it
| in a year or two, and when we are 2.6.38 or whatever, we'll say âOK, we're
| still 2.6, maybe we should reset the numbering some wayâ. But nobody really
| came up with very strong arguments for or against any other numbering scheme.
| There were lots of people with different opinions, but there was no
| consensus. So, right now, no. In a couple of years maybe we'll revisit it.


Interview with Linus Torvalds, creator of Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| DW: What are the most exciting things coming up in the Linux kernel?
| LT: The things I personally care about tend to not even be on the radar of
| most people. The changes to the very lowest levels of the suspend and resume
| model are an example of something I look at closely and think are
| interesting. Most other people don't think that kind of thing matters - at
| least as long as we don't break their laptops suspending ;) Of the actual
| stuff that has any visible impact to users, I guess the interesting area is
| that we're getting all these next-generation file systems and they're going
| to battle it out. "ext4 vs Btrfs in the thunderdome."

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