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[News] Funambol Releases version 8 (AGPLv3)

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Funambol: open source mobile cloud sync (with contest!)

,----[ Quote ]
| Funambol is an open source project, allowing you 
| to host your own sync server. Great for DIY-ers 
| and control freaks. If youâre not ready to manage 
| your own sync server, you can use the MyFunambol 
| portal, which is a hosted version of their 
| solution.


Funambol Launches Highly Anticipated Version 8 Open Source Mobile Cloud Sync and Push Email for Billions of Phone


Funambol Releases v8 of its Mobile Email Push and Sync Solution



GPLv3/AGPLv3 Adoption: If It Happened Too Fast, I'd Be Worried

,----[ Quote ]
| Since the release of GPLv3, technology pundits have been opining about how
| adoption is unlikely, usually citing Linux's still-GPLv2 status as (often
| their only) example. Even though I'm a pro-GPLv3 (and, specifically,
| pro-AGPLv3) advocate, I have never been troubled by slow adoption, as long as
| it remained on a linear upswing from release day onward (which it has).



AGPLv3 Keeps Open Source Vibrant in Age of SaaS

,----[ Quote ]
| For all practical purposes, the AGPLv3 is a key advance for everyone involved
| in open source, regardless of if you are a software developer, Internet end
| user or enterprise end user. The AGPLv3 closes the ASP loophole and keeps the
| freedom of open source software alive, in the age of SaaS and hosted
| applications.


AGPL: Open Source Licensing in a Networked Age

,----[ Quote ]
| Itâs tempting, then, to ask what problem is being solved by the Affero GPL.
| But that would be facetious, and would serve to trivialize what could be a
| real problem for some projects. Projects that are considerably less visible
| than Linux or MySQL, for example, might require the protection that the AGPL
| affords. For them, closing the loophole might seem like a life or death
| matter. The difficulty will be in determining which the license will
| guarantee: even as AGPL licensed protects are protected from those that would
| use them without contributing, it also represents an insurmountable barrier
| to entry for some potential players.
| Iâm glad then that the Affero GPL is an option, but Iâm with Mark Radcliffe:
| I wouldnât look for it to compete with the GPL any time soon.

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