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Re: LSE (again!)

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____/ bbgruff on Tuesday 06 Oct 2009 17:35 : \____

> Recently here in COLA views were expressed wrt how 99.9% (or was it
> 99.99% ?) of users really don't care about the source code being available.
> I suspect that my own (no doubt boring) comments re "sovereignty" fell on
> many deaf ears.
> However:-
> http://www.computerworlduk.com/community/blogs/index.cfm?entryid=2568&blogid=14
> In particular:-
> " He claims that LSE is coming off TradElect not because of the .Net
> technology itself (although its trading speed is 2.7 milliseconds compared
> to Linux-based Chi-Xâs 0.4 milliseconds), but âfor more control, less
> costs, and the ability to build and innovateâ."
> The whole article is perhaps worth reading, but my own point is that it
> matters little or not at all that dealers etc. have the source code - what
> really matters is the the-people-who-can-use-it have the source code :-)

This marks the end of Microsoft as even a /consideration/ for mission-critical systems.
LSE was their one big poster child.

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