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[News] Linux Phones Mock Apple's HypePhone

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Carrier goes negative on iPhone in Droid ads

,----[ Quote ]
| Verizon Wireless has tipped details about an 
| upcoming Android phone in TV ads that hype a 
| "Droid" phone while bashing Apple's iPhone, says 
| eWEEK. Meanwhile, the Boy Genius Report has 
| published a first-look preview of the Motorola 
| Droid (previously called the "Sholes") and calls 
| it "the Android device to beat."


Droid TV ad pulls no punches in attacking the iPhone

,----[ Quote ]
| The Motorola Droid smartphone that will ship in 
| November from Verizon Wireless could well be the 
| game-changer supporting analyst forecasts that 
| the Android operating system will dominate those 
| from the iPhone and the BlackBerry by 2012.



Nokia N900 â Top of the Hacks

,----[ Quote ]
| Push N900 invites hackers, mods, creatives, and coders to push
| the Linux powered N900 to its limits and if you havenât
| already begun creating your masterpiece you should probably
| get cracking, as the competition, in which you can get your
| hands on a Nokia N900 and funding to realise your designs,
| ends on the 11th October.


Nokia N900 Gets Full Review

,----[ Quote ]
| The Nokia N900 takes the functionality of the
| older Nokia Tablet devices and repackages them
| into a slimmed down PDA device that features some
| design similarities with the Nokia N97. So, we
| get a full QWERTY keyboard sans the tilted slide
| function, 3.5-inch touchscreen but with a higher
| resolution. However, the real added bonus is the
| powerful Linux Maemo OS. Needless to say, we
| canât wait to get our hands on especially now the
| first full-on reviews are appearing.

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