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[News] SixthSense Source Code Shared

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SixthSense Creator Releasing Code for Super-Cool Wearable Gesture Interface Device

,----[ Quote ]
| Mistry is the creator of SixthSense, a 
| wearable gesture interface that uses a camera 
| and tiny projector to display data and 
| information onto surfaces, walls, and even 
| your hand. Special fingertip sensors let users 
| manipulate the data and use their hands to 
| interact with it. During a presentation at the 
| TEDIndia conference this week, the PhD student 
| announced plans to release SixthSense under an 
| open source license in the coming months.



Chris DiBona on the (Computational) Value of Sharing

,----[ Quote ]
| Iâve been a programmer since I was 12 years old, so I always knew I would get
| into computers, computer science, or information technology. I started using
| Linux when I was in college back in 1995. Then as my professional career
| developed I realized I really liked Linux and the ideas behind it, and I
| liked the ideals behind open source and free software. That lead me to where
| I am today. Right now Iâm Googleâs open source program manager. What that
| means is that I monitor open source compliance for all the open source
| software that we use with the company. I also make sure that stuff that we
| release is under a proper open source license and, in the case of content, is
| under a proper Creative Commons license.

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