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[News] Sudo -rm /uspto /home/microsoft !!

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MS patent looks just like Unix command, critics howl

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft's patent comes as the US Supreme 
| Court wrestles with the issue of business 
| methods, such as those included in software, 
| and whether they qualify for patent 
| protection. Critics contend only physical 
| inventions should be eligible, while a large 
| swath of technology companies maintain that 
| software-driven features such as Amazon's 
| one-click checkout and Priceline's reverse 
| auctions are fair game.


OMG! Microsoft patents sudo! Linux and MacOS dead!


Did Microsoft just sneakily patent an open-source tool?


New Microsoft patent may put Linux security components at risk


Microsoft Patents Sudo - So Sudo me!


Rights elevator



Did Microsoft just patent sudo?

,----[ Quote ]
| 1985, huh? And when did this Microsoft patent happen? It was filed in
| 2000. Well gee, that doesn't make sense. How'd they get the patent?
| It certainly falls under the category of "obvious" if there's prior
| art such as sudo.
| What makes this whole thing funny, though, is something I saw a couple
| days ago. Head over to Builder-AU and listen to Peter Watson from
| Microsoft. He says,
|   "User Account Control is a great idea and strategically
|   a direction that sort of all operating systems and all technology
|   should be heading down"
| Excuse me? Does he really believe this is all Microsoft's great new
| idea?
| In the end, this seems like a patent that Microsoft will hold up and
| say "we have a patent and Linux is violating it!" They won't ever
| sue on it though (just leave the threat hanging to scare away
| potential users), because then they could have the patent revoked.
| It's better for them to just wave it around.



Microsoft Says Other OSes Should Imitate UAC

,----[ Quote ]
| The most controversial aspect of Watson's comments all center around
| the idea that Microsoft is a leader with UAC, and that other OSes
| should follow suit. UAC is a cousin of myriad "superuser" process
| elevation strategies, which Mac OS X and all flavors of Linux
| already enjoy. The fact is that Microsoft is late to the party
| with their Microsoftized version of sudo. That's really what UAC
| is, after all: sudo with a fancy display mechanism (to make it hard
| to spoof) and extra monitoring to pick up on "suspicious" behavior.


Analysis: Less patent shield for code

,----[ Quote ]
| Clearing the way for wider worldwide distribution of computer
| software code, and saving Microsoft Corp. millions of dollars in patent 
| damages, the Supreme Court ruled on Monday that it is not illegal to send 
| Windows code abroad for copying and installing in foreign-made computers, 
| even if the code incorporates a part of someone else's patented invention.


Supreme Court to Patent Appeals Court: Drop Dead

,----[ Quote ]
| Then the justices cupped their hands astride their mouths and
| shouted in unison: Fewer patents!

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