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[News] [Rival] Microsoft Codeplex Board Member de Icaza Shills for Building Linux in Silver Lie

  • Subject: [News] [Rival] Microsoft Codeplex Board Member de Icaza Shills for Building Linux in Silver Lie
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 13 Nov 2009 15:36:15 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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"We could refresh the look and feel of the 
entire desktop with Moonlight"

                                --Miguel de Icaza

BitTorrent in Silverlight


The future of Moonlight



,----[ Quote ]
| I know that various members of the Moonlight 
| team are passionate about Moonlight because  
| it is this next generation API for building 
| GUI applications.
| Which applications do you think are needed 
| nad could be built with Moonlight?
| I say video editing, and I have some ideas 
| of how it should work.


Apple Rejects Mono; Moonlight Marching Orders

,----[ Quote ]
| Look for ever more of this sort of thing as 
| Team Mono attempts to expand Mono and 
| Moonlight. Team Mono is already getting 
| marching orders to start pushing Moonlight 
| harder, the first plan being a video editor.
| A video editor is a beautiful infection 
| vector for Moonlight, because:
|    1. Moonlight itself only safe to use for
|    direct Novell customers,
|    2. All those nice proprietary video 
|    codecs that Novell has licensed from 
|    Microsoft are only safe for direct Novell 
|    customers as well.
| So, Novell sees a great opportunity to 
| spread Moonlight and the fruits of its 
| Microsoft collaboration, while pretending to 
| develop a âLinuxâ application.
| So long as your âLinuxâ comes directly via 
| Microsoft-approved Novell-only channels, of 
| course â other Linux flavors need not apply 
| â or redistribute.


OpenSUSE 11.2 and Novell's Mono Tools ship

,----[ Quote ]
| The "Mono Tools" are based on Mono, a from-
| scratch open source implementation of .NET. 
| Developed by the Novell-sponsored Mono 
| project, which has also developed the 
| Moonlight open source clone of Microsoft's 
| Silverlight, Mono has proven to be 
| controversial in the open source community, 
| as are most Novell-sponsored efforts that 
| appear to sidle up to Microsoft. While an 
| impressive piece of software, and imminently 
| useful in a .NET dominated enterprise 
| software world, Mono is also seen by many as 
| a potential legal landmine, due to Microsoft 
| patents.


Novellâs Mono Tools tunes up for stereophonic Linux, UNIX & OS X

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft has said that it backs Mono Tools, 
| but then Microsoft would put their stamp of 
| approval on products that integrate with its 
| Visual Studio IDE (integrated development 
| environment) as they âenrich the Visual 
| Studio ecosystemâ no less.


Of course Microsoft approves it. It's beneficial to Microsoft, it's not competition.

Miguel is meanwhile libelling me, thinking that people don't know what he's up to.


Mono for Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| What we have here is a MonoTouch
| application for the iPhone covering a
| Microsoft conference and advertising Team
| Monoâs booth at the same conference for
| those that âdonât have a Macâ.
| Why exactly is this garbage on Planet
| GNOME and Planet SUSE? (I can understand
| Planet GNOME, since GNOME seems to have
| largely adopted the Venerable Ostrich
| Position on Mono) Do people not get tired
| of the pro-Mono / pro-Microsoft messaging
| that has nothing to do with Linux?
| At least Team Mono used to pretend there
| was some benefit for Linux from Mono,
| lately much/most of the messaging has
| absolutely nothing to do with Linux.
| [...]
| Of course, Microsoft rewards its
| collaborators when it suits them, so Peter
| Galli has written âMicrosoft and Novell:
| Three Years and Going Strongâ where he
| gives the lapdog a small treat, and
| doesnât miss a chance to talk up
| intellectual âpeace of mindâ . This is a
| disgustingly popular code phrase for âUse
| Microsoft-approved software or we just
| might sue youâ. Microsoft and Novell love
| to brandish a bit of IP FUD about,
| especially if they can wield it against
| Red Hat.
| I like to point out another way of looking
| at âThree Years and Going Strongâ: the
| Novell-Microsoft deal is just as offensive
| and anti-community today as it was the day
| it was signed. The reasons for opposing
| the deal are just as valid today as they
| were three years ago. The people that
| walked away from Novell three years ago
| were right to do so, and anyone that
| chooses to do so today is equally
| justified.


Microsoft needs a crutch.

,----[ Quote ]
| I remember that a while ago, as I was attending a heated
| debate on the (in)famous standardization of OOXML. As we
| were arguing with Microsoft on some specification
| details, I happened to state all aloud that when it came
| to this level of security (the topic at hand was
| security), I had my concerns about the encryption
| algorithms used by the specification but that in a
| general sense, security relied much more on the
| application using the format and the underlying
| operating systemâs level of security. I went on to say
| that for the specific portion of the draft we were
| studying, it was perhaps not necessary to waste time in
| fruitless discussion topics including the behavior of
| OOXML documents in a computer undergoing a nuclear
| attack and being stored on a computer facing a zero-day
| exploit at the same time.
| The response from one of the Microsoft spokesperson (Iâm
| coining the term spokesperson, because thatâs what most
| of them were) was a mix of surprise and sarcasm:
| âEverything happens, today you agreed with us!â. And
| indeed, I agreed that we should continue to parse the
| 6000 pages-long draft.
| [...]
| First, one has to realize that what happened with Novell
| was a serious attack against free and open source
| software, but although it was serious, it never really
| had any major impact on the community itself. What I
| mean by this is not that it did not have any real and
| damageable impact on IT companies or OEMs that ended up
| signing phony IPR deals with Microsoft. I mean by this
| that when you step back, you end up realizing that even
| the divide it caused inside the community is not that
| big. There is no one âNovell Communityâ and one âFSF
| Communityâ. That simply never existed except perhaps in
| the mind of some Mono architects. Even the Ximian bunch
| is very much on its own; influential because of monthly
| salaries, and time to devout to their pet projects and
| an historical ties to Gnome. But aside this, the impact
| of the Novell agreement with Microsoft did not create
| the âgrand schismâ many feared or wished at that time.
| [...]
| That is, I believe, the essence of the Codeplex
| foundation that is described here. Forget the code for a
| moment, and you might come to the conclusion that either
| Microsoft wants to impose its views on patents and
| copyrights, or it genuinely wants to have a fruitful
| conversation with the free and open source software
| community. The former is only surprising as it shows a
| different approach, but if thatâs what theyâre looking
| to achieve I am afraid that unless this foundation comes
| out with the most radically innovative ideas in the
| field of IPR, it will fail, for the first reason I
| outlined much above: Nobody will follow them, except
| people and constituencies who have an economic incentive
| to do that. What is left, then, if not the latter
| hypothesis? Interesting times are ahead of us in this
| case.


NOME in .NET? â Not on my desktop!

,----[ Quote ]
| I believe the weapon of Mono is to âget Linux users hookedâ to the .net
| environment, always offering the superior and more mature version on the
| Windows platform.  Just like when you first tried alcohol you would probably
| start off on lighter products until you acquired a taste for it, progressing
| later in life to liking stronger spirits.  With Windows having
| the âdefinitive versionâ and users hooked or caught in the .net, Microsoft
| could effectively remove or hold to ransom the addiction of using .net from
| non-Windows users.  Just an idea, but from a PR standpoint IMO  it would seem
| far more viable than MONO being used to trick people into installing
| Microsoft patent infested code.

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